Big Data in Healthcare: The Best Use Cases and Benefits

Big Data in Healthcare_ The Best Use Cases and Benefits (1)

Big Data is a fast-developing trend that will soon take over the world. It can automate processes, increase revenues, reduce expenses, and solve a number of problems that we face every day. Healthcare is one of the fields where Big Data can be applied. If managed properly, it can solve various tasks, like monitoring the patient’s health conditions, assisting in medical researches, and even predicting epidemics.  In this post, we’re going to talk about the concept of Big Data in

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Data Quality Importance in an Organization

Importance of Data Quality in an Organization

Data Quality Introduction : Data Quality : Today, the world is filled with data. It is everywhere. And, the value of any organization can be measured by the quality of its data. So, what actually is the quality of data , and why is it important? Well, it refers to the capability of a set of data to serve an intended purpose.  It is important to any organization because it provides timely and accurate information to manage accountability and services.

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Pig Case Study – Complain Raised by different Software Companies.


Pig Case Study : Problem Statement: To build a script which produces a report listing each Company & State and number of complaints raised by them. We have a data set of complaints (incidents or trouble tickets) of a software system raised by different companies. The details of the fields (i.e. data dictionary) of each record is in below format: Date received = dtr:chararray, Product = prd:chararray, Sub-product =  sprd:chararray, Issue = iss:chararray, Sub-issue = siss:chararray, Company public response =

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Apache Hadoop Vs Apache Spark

Apache Hadoop

What is Big Data? What size of Data is considered to be big and will be termed as Big Data?  We have many relative assumptions for the term Big Data. It is possible that, the amount of data say 50 terabytes can be considered as Big Data for Start-up’s but it may not be Big Data for the companies like Google and Facebook. It is because they have infrastructure to store and process this vast amount of data. When data

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Everything is on Internet! The Internet has a lot of Data! Therefore, everything is Big Data!!

What is Data Science

What is Data Science? Data Science is the art and science of extracting actionable insight from raw data. Put simply, Data Science is an umbrella term for techniques used when trying to extract insights and information from data. Data Science uses automated methods to analyze huge amount of data and extract knowledge from them in various forms either structured or unstructured. Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be

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What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics as a buzzword has generated much hype in recent times. It is said to be the answer to any marketer’s woes, the way to generate highly focused, customized advertisements and marketing strategies that give the consumers what they want. But what exactly is big data? As the name implies – it is data, which is big in volume. Simply put, it is data that is too large to be processed using traditional data processing mechanisms. With the

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The 6 Top Hadoop Distributions that You Can Employ for Your Big Data Needs

top Hadoop distributions

Apache Hadoop is an excellent software framework that allows the processing of big data elements. It can use the power of commodity hardware by employing a modular system and process large sets of data. Hadoop is available in different distributions as companies often deliver it as a packaged deal. It uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) which allows the use of different platforms and the ability to perform parallel data processing. Here, we discuss the six top Hadoop distributions that

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A Brief Discussion of Hadoop Core Components

Hadoop core components

Apache Hadoop is an excellent open-source big data technology platform that allows the use of computer networks to perform complex processing and come up with results that are always available even when a few nodes are not available for functional processing. There are a few important Hadoop core components that govern the way it can perform through various cloud-based platforms. The core components are often termed as modules and are described below: The Distributed File System The first and the most

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The Merits of Hadoop as a Data Solution

Hadoop Data Solution

Hadoop is an amazing programming framework which is quickly gaining prominence. It is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation and has the support of the Java programming community. Hadoop as a solution does have its merits because it can simplify big data and allow normal consumers to simplify the concept of volumetric data available on the internet. Here are some important details to understand this framework: The Arrival of Hadoop Hadoop as a solution was formulated by top computer experts

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How Analytics with R became powerful


It seems that developers really love to debate about the different ways to do the same things. Seriously, we love it too, but we don’t think we have seen people argue so much in any other industry. There are always people who will think one way of doing something is better than the other but rarely will this result in widespread online arguments and debates the way it does for programmers. Among many such debates, one that has heated up a

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