The 6 Top Hadoop Distributions that You Can Employ for Your Big Data Needs

Apache Hadoop is an excellent software framework that allows the processing of big data elements. It can use the power of commodity hardware by employing a modular system and process large sets of data. Hadoop is available in different distributions as companies often deliver it as a packaged deal. It uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) which allows the use of different platforms and the ability to perform parallel data processing.

Here, we discuss the six top Hadoop distributions that you can employ for your big data needs. These are distributions that provide various advantages and you can learn more about them to understand which one works out the best for your cloud data processing needs:

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1.  Cloudera

Most market sources clearly declare Cloudera as the leader even among the top Hadoop distributions that are available in the market. The company emerged in 2008 and quickly became the top solutions provider for data handling and processing needs. An evaluation by Forrester declared Cloudera as the leader of Hadoop distributions.

Cloudera works by first taken the open source Hadoop software elements and then implementing their proprietary improvements. These changes provide better data governance, data availability, better security and overall excellent administration of the complete software package. The industry experts argue that these are the important benefits that big data software must provide to companies that are looking for smart cloud solutions.

Cloudera Hadoop distribution truly allows your data to shine and provide you a unique insight. Cloudera connects their distribution with other solutions that provide excellent options for companies that are looking for cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Another advantage is that you get improved security which is important for running a compliant business in several industries. Hadoop distribution from the top company can help your business gain a competitive edge, with the ability to extract the most useful information from the available data sets.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic MapReduce

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) also provide a Hadoop distribution as part of their overall cloud-based services. You can be the Elastic MapReduce (EMR) which has been present since the earliest Hadoop distributions. It is one of the top Hadoop distributions and is known to provide an excellent structure for organizing your data. It provides powerful analytics and truly the ability to reduce the workload in your organization by using efficient data handling schemes.

The Amazon EMR is one of the top vendors with a large market share. Amazon has also handled other efforts in terms of contributing to the Apache community and is well-known to offer the best customer service. Since the company is already providing all kinds of cloud computing solutions, a Hadoop distribution is likely to offer additional benefits.

The Amazon EMR not only offers Hadoop, it also allows you to use other big data solutions, where you can employ any platform or a set of services that you find are a perfect match for your data handling needs. There are several data handling functions that this Hadoop distribution offers. It allows you to perform complex financial analyses as well as use machine learning to improve processing methods. Data transformations are also possible, resulting in a solution with the capacity to offer remedies for all big data handling needs.

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3. HortonWorks

HortonWorks is one of the top Hadoop distributions in the world. They provide the ideal big data solutions, as they offer an open source distribution. It continuously contributes to the Apache community as well. Since it is a member of the Open Data Platform started by IBM, it has the capacity to offer the best technological solutions for all your big data needs.

Similarly, HortonWorks is part of other networks as well, which allows it to offer the best supporting tools for your data processing tools. The possibility of receiving the best Hadoop tools is a reality with this Hadoop distribution. The tools are already in use by large client organizations, and this allows any business switching to Hadoop from HortonWorks to enjoy the proven benefits and facilities.

This distribution is supported by some of the top names in the IT industry. It runs joints with companies like Microsoft, RedHat and Teradata. This distribution offers you the benefits of flexibility, innovation and quick access to the built-in facilities present in the distribution package. This package can handle both your static and dynamic data requirements and therefore, works as one of the top Hadoop distributions.

4. IBM InfoSphere Insights

IBM cannot be far behind when it comes to providing the top IT solutions for all types of businesses. The InfoSphere Insights is an excellent assimilation of important data management tools. It includes powerful analytics that allow your business to benefit from the processing of big data sets. With the IBM Insights, your business can run a fast-paced business model, where your company can quickly accommodate the dynamic work environment.

IBM InfoSphere is one of the top Hadoop distributions, because it offers excellent advantages in a single package. The company strongly supports its distributions as it is now running a dedicated Apache System ML project. It provides an open source software development with efficient machine learning ability. With each processing of data, your software tools gain power and produce better results in the future.

If you have business problems that you must solve, then IBM InfoSphere Insights is certainly an excellent solution. It is a Hadoop distribution that recognizes identities and automatically generates relevant relationships that help in organizing and processing data. It determines new data entries and updates the information pool throughout the database. Each data transaction is recorded and produces real-time value for the clients.

5. MapR Distribution

MapR Technologies is a solid name and it produces one of the top Hadoop distributions that offer excellent potential. They can turn to the use of their proprietary filesystem which provides excellent functionality. It can save trillions of separate data files and keep a detailed record of them. This makes the MapR distribution an excellent choice when you are looking for a robust solution.

MapR understands that Apache Hadoop offers excellent usability when it is combined with other data processing tools. The presence of a distributed file system can be enhanced when it can be employed to generate information from the stored big data elements. Modern technologies like NoSQL databases are possible when you use MapR where you can perform live event streaming and update data as soon as it becomes part of the Hadoop distribution system.

MapR offers 99.999% uptime and is backed by a solid customer support department. There is no data loss and you gain access to disaster recovery methods as well. With a powerful security system, it allows businesses to work at a lower total cost of ownership when buying an integrated Hadoop-based big data solution.

6. Microsoft Distribution

Microsoft is one of the top names in the software industry; meaning that the top Hadoop distributions also include the Microsoft Hadoop Distribution. It provides a distribution within its Microsoft Azure cloud solution. It provides an excellent functionality to an already powerful big data solution that the company offers.

The Microsoft Hadoop Distribution provides more power to Azure and allows the use of SQL servers to hunt for the required data by using a simple set of relevant queries. It is certainly among the most reliable options, since you receive the Microsoft Support ensuring that your software tools are always updated and offer you the best solution.

These are some top Hadoop distributions that you can employ in your business. These distributions are all capable of offering you the advantages of running a distributed file system. Learn more about them to find the Hadoop distribution that best serves your big data needs!

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