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Everything is on Internet! The Internet has a lot of Data! Therefore, everything is Big Data!!


What is Data Science? Data Science is the art and science of extracting actionable insight from raw data. Put simply, Data Science is an umbrella term for techniques used when trying to extract insights and information from data. Data Science uses automated methods to analyze huge amount of data and extract knowledge from them in various forms either structured or unstructured. Data is growing faster than ever before and by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be

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Apache Hive Interview Questions and Answers

Apache Hive Interview Questions: 1)Explain what is Hive? Hive is an ETL and Data warehousing tool developed on top of Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Hive is an open-source-software that lets programmers analyze large data sets on Hadoop Cluster. It is a data warehouse framework for querying and analysis of data that is stored in HDFS. 2)Mention what are the different types of tables available in Hive? There are two types of tables available in Hive. Managed table: In managed

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Apache Maven Interview Questions and Answers

Apache Maven Interview Questions and Answers: 1) Explain what is Maven? How does it work? Maven is a project management tool. It provides the developer a complete build lifecycle framework. On executing Maven commands, it will look for POM file in Maven; it will run the command on the resources described in the POM. 2) List out what are the aspects does Maven Manages? Maven handles following activities of a developer Build Documentation Reporting Dependencies SCMs Releases Distribution Mailing list

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Social Media for Advertisement


Social Media Advertisement: Social network advertising also social media targeting, are collective names, which are used in describing types of online advertising, which focus on the social networking services. One of the main benefit of this kind of advertising is that advertiser may take advantage of users’ basic information and target all their ads appropriately. Generally, social advertising is a kind of advertising that relies only on social networks or information, in targeting, generating, also delivering marketing communication. Social advertising

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16 Off Page SEO Techniques

Top 16 off page SEO Techniques to boost website traffic – Introduction: Top 16 off page SEO Techniques – There are two separate types of SEO approaches namely Off-Page and the On-Page. Both can be implemented on your blog or business website to generate traffic and even rank them to the higher positions in a search engine. Many people have a great liking for the off-page SEO and thus prefer using it to link building. The article will discuss 16

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Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers

Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers: 1) Mention what is Jenkins? Jenkins is an open source tool with plugin built for continuous integration purpose.  The principle functionality of Jenkins is to keep a track of version control system and to initiate and monitor a build system if changes occur. It monitors the whole process and provides reports and notifications to alert. 2) Explain what is continuous integration? In software development, when multiple developers or teams are working on different segments of

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Git Interview Questions and Answers

Git Interview Questions and Answers: 1)      What is GIT? GIT is a distributed version control system and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis to handle small and large projects with speed and efficiency. 2)      What is a repository in GIT? A repository contains a directory named .git, where git keeps all of its metadata for the repository. The content of the .git directory are private to git. 3)      What is the command you can use to write a

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Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager

Project Manager A project manager refers to a person with the full responsibility, planning, execution, controlling, monitoring, and closure of the project. The project manager main job is to oversee, budget, plan, and document the aspects of the project that you are working on. It is very important for the project manager to liaise with the top management, to ensure the direction and the scope of each project is well planned. Generally, he is fully accountable for any failure or

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Machine Learning vs Deep Learning: Here’s what you must know!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two words casually thrown around in everyday conversations, be it at offices, institutes or technology meetups. Artificial Intelligence is said to be the future enabled by Machine Learning. Now, Artificial Intelligence is defined as “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.” Putting it simply means making machines smarter to replicate human tasks, and

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Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers 1.What is Acceptance Testing? Testing conducted to enable a user/customer to determine whether to accept a software product. Normally performed to validate the software meets a set of agreed acceptance criteria. 2.What is Accessibility Testing? Verifying a product is accessible to the people having disabilities (deaf, blind, mentally disabled etc.). 3.What is Ad Hoc Testing? A testing phase where the tester tries to ‘break’ the system by randomly trying the system’s functionality. Can include

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