The 6 Top Hadoop Distributions that You Can Employ for Your Big Data Needs

top Hadoop distributions

Apache Hadoop is an excellent software framework that allows the processing of big data elements. It can use the power of commodity hardware by employing a modular system and process large sets of data. Hadoop is available in different distributions as companies often deliver it as a packaged deal. It uses the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) which allows the use of different platforms and the ability to perform parallel data processing. Here, we discuss the six top Hadoop distributions that

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What are the advantages of BIG DATA Analytics, and how will it impact the future

Big Data Analytics Advantages

Big Data Analytics Advantages : Big Data Analytics Advantages : In the present era, Big data analytics is no longer used only for the purpose of experimenting. Many companies began to achieve a lot more real results with its approach, and  they are expanding their efforts to surround more data and models. It is a term that used to describe the collection, availability, and processing of streaming data in real-time of  huge volumes. The three V’s are nothing but volume,

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Supply Chain leaders! It’s time to turn focus on business analytics

supply chain

It’s raining Data An explosion of information is the defining feature of today’s information technology-driven world. An enormous amount of data is generated from multiple sources, such as business interactions, transactions, social networking and sensors. Often in unstructured forms, the data continues to grow exponentially. This massive amount of data, referred to as big data, becomes useless if it is not sorted, analyzed, and used in businesses for decision-making and predicting trends for business growth. ‘Big Data’, ‘Real-time Data’, ‘Smart

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8 big trends on big data analytics

Trends on Big Data Analytics

8 Big Trends on Big Data Analytics – Huge data analysis is a common element of today’s organizations. There are a number of techniques and technologies coming up each day to help the experts in the analysis of data. As the data analysis activities and techniques are emerging so fast, people have to also move fast to match with them. As per the data experts, there are 8 big trends on big data analytics that one should surely know. The cloud option

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Top mistakes developers make when using Python for Big Data Analytics

Python for Big Data Analytics

6 Big Mistakes Developers Make When Using Python for Big Data Choosing the right programming language is very crucial, especially considering that it is quite difficult to migrate once the development of the project begins. When it comes to Big Data, some of popular choices of programming languages are R, Python, Java and SAS. Although the choice of the language is often dependent on the type of project and the efficient delivered by the program in handling it previously. However,

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