8 big trends on big data analytics

8 Big Trends on Big Data Analytics – Huge data analysis is a common element of today’s organizations. There are a number of techniques and technologies coming up each day to help the experts in the analysis of data. As the data analysis activities and techniques are emerging so fast, people have to also move fast to match with them.

As per the data experts, there are 8 big trends on big data analytics that one should surely know.

The cloud option

Initially, also there were a number of tools and frameworks such as Hadoop that were used for the processing of the huge data sets. But with the increasing number of technology, this framework has been recently replaced by a much stronger option of the cloud. Today there are a number of such options that is used to make the big data analysis process an easy task. One of the famous examples is the BI data warehouse from Amazon’s Redshift.

The new data operating system

It is not that the older frameworks are been only replaced by the newer ones for better processing of the big data. Also, experts are involved in turning Hadoop into a framework with better features that can operate more efficiently than before. By this Hadoop will be now able to process graphical data and others more efficiently with lesser cost.

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Big data hub

There was a time when before the analysis of the big data hubs or lakes, a number of other activities were performed. But with the introduction of the modern methods the amount of work is now lessened. With the new framework of Hadoop, one just has to input the data into the framework and the work is done without any other extra efforts.

Predictive analysis

With the big data, the analytic experts are now able to process a number of data and that with different attributes. Today big data along with the computer technologies cab provide not only efficient but also at time predictive analysis.

SQL on Hadoop

Hadoop has been transformed today into a framework that can work faster, efficiently and also within lesser cost. But also for an expert who knows coding well, the technique can be a help in many more ways. There are a number of people who are using SQL for better analysis and Hadoop is very much compatible with it.

Even better with NoSQL

Now in case of SQL also, a new change is introduced. In opposite to the SQL databases, NoSQL databases are also gaining popularity. It is said that use of this type helps in even faster and better analysis of data.

Deep learning

A new machine learning techniques set is being evolved recently from the neural networking. This is the Deep Learning. Though it is still in its evolving state, but experts say that it can have great potentiality in solving out major issues of data analysis and others.

In-memory analytics

Recently, in-memory databases are being used in an increased way. Today already there are a number of business houses who have already started analytical processing in their transactions through in-memory analytics.

Thus, with increasing number of technologies each day, it has become a very important thing to stay updated with the trends.

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