Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data vs. Artificial Intelligence

Big Data vs. Artificial Intelligence – Introduction: Big Data: The growth of the world is impulsive in all ways, likewise the data. Data size across the world is huge, so technically increase in the data constitute the name Big Data. The time of spread sheet is over, A google search, Passport scan,  a barcode reading in supermarket, your online shopping history, An EKG reading, CCTV footage, A photo of a sandwich, a voice message, A tweet, all of this contains

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Importance of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The term itself is not new and there is a very good reason for that. Companies across the globe, both large conglomerates and small start ups are utilizing its potential to gain valuable insight into existing operations for future development and to improve their customer service. Take today’s data for instance. According to a study conducted by scientists at the UC San Diego, by 2024, most businesses across the globe would have processed the digital equivalent of a gigantic number

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The History of Hadoop

Hadoop History

Hadoop History – When mentioning some of the top search engine platforms on the net, a name that demands a definite mention is the Hadoop. Hadoop has turned ten and has seen a number of changes and upgradation in the last successful decade. It has escalated from its role of Yahoo’s much relied upon search engine to a progressive computing platform. Hadoop is believed to soon become the foundation in the future for generating the best data based applications. What

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8 big trends on big data analytics

Trends on Big Data Analytics

8 Big Trends on Big Data Analytics – Huge data analysis is a common element of today’s organizations. There are a number of techniques and technologies coming up each day to help the experts in the analysis of data. As the data analysis activities and techniques are emerging so fast, people have to also move fast to match with them. As per the data experts, there are 8 big trends on big data analytics that one should surely know. The cloud option

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