What are the Major Differences – Agile Vs DevOps?


Agile vs DevOps is always a trending topic among IT businesses. DevOps vs Agile is a never-ending topic on which developers, experts of the IT industry can debate for hours. DevOps and agile are the two most popular software development methodologies that share the same goals of making an efficient software product before deadlines. It means both tell about the software development life cycle (SDLC) in their own perspectives. Requirement gathering, Designing, Development, Testing, Deploying, and Maintenance are six different

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Understanding DevOps Lifecycle Phases

DevOps Lifecycle Phases

A combination of Development and Operations, the term DevOps describes a software industry practice of combining the important functions of developing and operating software applications through unified platforms. Since this concept describes the entire lifecycle of software applications, it consists of various important phases. Here, we discuss some important DevOps Lifecycle Phases to help you understand this important software integration concept:                                      

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Ansible: Simple yet powerful IT automation tool


As businesses go digital, networked computing has been evolving rapidly. Earlier, system administrators had to manually install software, change configuration, and manage every server manually. It did not just require manual effort, but also complicated coordination. The increasing number of data centers made the task a lot more time consuming and complex. This led to the rise of tools that can manage all of this without the need to manually do it. Here’s where Ansible steps in to drive away

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DevOps Tools You Need to Know

devops tools

DevOps is here to stay – It is such an efficient way of managing development that it is hard to go back to anything else. If you are planning to grow your career in development, or in any IT field for that matter, you will have to grasp DevOps, and you will have to learn how to properly work in a DevOps environment. This doesn’t just mean thinking in a DevOps way – this means being able to use the

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Why Jenkins is a great tool for DevOps


Why Jenkins is a great tool for DevOps ? Continuous integration is a software development practice where team members integrate their work frequently (at least once a day, although multiple daily integrations are usually done). This is a fantastic idea in the DevOps context, which is why Jenkins is an important tool for companies focusing on DevOps. Each integration is verified by compiling the source code and obtaining an executable (this is called build, and must be done in an

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How Puppet helps DevOps ?


Does your company spend more time fixing machine configuration problems and repeatable tasks, than thinking about strategies to improve and bring more value to the customer? What if one of the reasons that your company can not move to production more quickly is because of problems of this type? And what if it becomes chaotic to pass a change in the local database on to production? Or in fact… have you heard about problems that in development, in my environment,

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Why the DEVOPS model is here to stay

devops model

The DEVOPS model may seem like just another one of those terms which management gets enamored with every few years but it is much more than that. The DEVOPS model will probably be the main way that development is done going into the future. We are sure that not only will it be the main way to develop software but that it will bleed out into other industries as well and become the main way of designing and developing new

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Understanding DevOps and why it’s important

If you’re a developer, you have probably started to hear the term DevOps being thrown around. If you haven’t, well, you will soon be hearing it around the office. Someone in your upper management will hear about it in a conference somewhere and come back asking his company’s people if they need to consider it. Soon there will a team formulated to discuss implementation of DevOps. What we are saying is, this is the right time to know what DevOps

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