Why Jenkins is a great tool for DevOps


Why Jenkins is a great tool for DevOps ? Continuous integration is a software development practice where team members integrate their work frequently (at least once a day, although multiple daily integrations are usually done). This is a fantastic idea in the DevOps context, which is why Jenkins is an important tool for companies focusing on DevOps. Each integration is verified by compiling the source code and obtaining an executable (this is called build, and must be done in an

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How Puppet helps DevOps ?


Does your company spend more time fixing machine configuration problems and repeatable tasks, than thinking about strategies to improve and bring more value to the customer? What if one of the reasons that your company can not move to production more quickly is because of problems of this type? And what if it becomes chaotic to pass a change in the local database on to production? Or in fact… have you heard about problems that in development, in my environment,

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Understanding DevOps and why it’s important

If you’re a developer, you have probably started to hear the term DevOps being thrown around. If you haven’t, well, you will soon be hearing it around the office. Someone in your upper management will hear about it in a conference somewhere and come back asking his company’s people if they need to consider it. Soon there will a team formulated to discuss implementation of DevOps. What we are saying is, this is the right time to know what DevOps

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