The History of Hadoop

Hadoop History – When mentioning some of the top search engine platforms on the net, a name that demands a definite mention is the Hadoop. Hadoop has turned ten and has seen a number of changes and upgradation in the last successful decade. It has escalated from its role of Yahoo’s much relied upon search engine to a progressive computing platform. Hadoop is believed to soon become the foundation in the future for generating the best data based applications.

What is Hadoop?

For people who do not know about the Hadoop, this might be a pleasant piece of information. Hadoop was invented and brought to life by Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella in the year 2015. Doug Cutting was also the inventor of the first version of Lucene. In case that you are wary of what Lucene is, well it is that stuff which helps Google produce results to your queries on Google within nano seconds.

Now, coming back to, Hadoop, the Apache Hadoop is basically an open source software framework that is used to carry forward distributed storage functions. The software framework has been written in Java and assists in distributed processing of large mass of data that are trapped in computer clusters, which are in turn build from commodity hardware.

The function of Hadoop:

The Hadoop works on a specific logic. All the modules in this specific open source software assume that hardware failures in a machine is a common phenomenon and hence it is necessary to back up all data on a regular basis, to prevent from losing it. Hence, with this assumption, working as a guideline for the system, Hadoop automatically handles the data in software. How did Hadoop come about getting its name and logo (an elephant) you ask? Well, Doug Cutting named it after his son’s beloved toy elephant. The core ambition behind the development of such a unique and progressive open software framework and the name was to promote support distribution for the search engine project, known as the Nutch.

The Rising of the Hadoop:

AS mentioned above, it is with the motto to promote Nutch that Cutter come up with Hadoop. In the year 2006, he finally took out MapReduce and GDFS from the system of Nutch codebase and replaced it with Hadoop. Hadoop was the new incubating project, under the brand name of Lucene.

It is during this time that Yahoo! Was falling behind on the list of top search engines on the net, with Google steadily approaching the top spot. This made them scurry and look for a system that would help them get rid of their overstuffed home page that looked like a century old, and opt for a more modern looking and functioning system. Here is where the authority decided to opt for Hadoop. Though there were a number of speculations and the obvious fear of the whole thing not working out as planned, it was not until they reached the 6 months mark that Yahoo! Understood, the great benefits the new software is making to their system. Hadoop has never had to look back ever since and has only grown in functionality.

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