Pig Case Study – Complain Raised by different Software Companies.

Pig Case Study :

Problem Statement: To build a script which produces a report listing each Company & State and number of complaints raised by them.

We have a data set of complaints (incidents or trouble tickets) of a software system raised by different companies.

The details of the fields (i.e. data dictionary) of each record is in below format:

Date received = dtr:chararray,

Product = prd:chararray,

Sub-product =  sprd:chararray,

Issue = iss:chararray,

Sub-issue = siss:chararray,

Company public response = pubrsp:chararray,

Company = cmpny:chararray,

State = stt:chararray,

ZIP Code = zip:chararray,

TAG = tag:chararray,

Consumer consent provided = consent:chararray,

Submitted via = via:chararray,

Date sent to company = dts:chararray,

Company response to consumer = conrsp:chararray,

Timely response = tmly:chararray,

Consumer disputed = dsput:chararray,

Complaint ID = cmpid:int

Sample data-set:

4/1/2016|Debt collection|”Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.)”|Disclosure verification of debt|Not given enough info to verify debt||”Convergent Resources, Inc.”|IL|60035|||Web|4/1/2016|Closed with explanation|Yes|No|1859891

4/1/2016|Consumer Loan|Vehicle loan|Managing the loan or lease|||Ally Financial Inc.|TX|779XX|||Web|4/1/2016|In progress|Yes|No|1861161

4/1/2016|Bank account or service|Savings account|”Account opening, closing, or management”|||Ally Financial Inc.|TN|381XX|||Web|4/1/2016|In progress|Yes|No|1861175

I am working on single distributed node cluster and data is located at /home/rahul/data and name of file is ccd-200-pid.txt

Since, I am working on Pig distributed mode, I will make sure Hadoop Cluster is UP.  I am going to copy data to HDFS location. I am creating pigdata directory at HDFS location and copying data to this location.

Command to create directory:  hadoop fs –mkdir pigdata

Command to copy data from local directory to HDFS location:  Hadoop fs –copyFromLocal <source> <destination>

Hadoop fs –copyFromLocal ccd-200-pipe.txt /user/rahul/pigdata/


Command to list file at HDFS location:  Hadoop fs –ls <hdfs directory location>

Hadoop fs –ls /user/rahul/pigdata

Now, I will open pig terminal.

My data is located in HDFS location at /user/rahul/pigdata

In Pig, we have alias concept. It means we have to use new alias at every step. We need to process every time with the alias only.

I am storing data of file name ccd-200-pipe.txt into alias inputdata. We can have any name of the alias.  I am executing below codes as per below data schema.

inputdata = LOAD ‘/user/rahul/pigdata/ccd-200-pipe.txt’ USING PigStorage(‘|’) AS (dtr:chararray, prd:chararray, sprd:chararray, iss:chararray, siss:chararray, pubrsp:chararray, cmpny:chararray, stt:chararray, zip:chararray, tag:chararray, consent:chararray, via:chararray, dts:chararray, conrsp:chararray, tmly:chararray, dsput:chararray, cmpid:int);

Pig offers you dump and store comamnd to trigger your executions. I am going to check successful execution of load command using dump command.

Below is output on screen and we can see that data is loaded successfully  into alias inputdata

Now I am using Filter Command to filter null complain id into the dataset.

Command:  fltd1 = FILTER inputdata  BY cmpid IS NOT NULL;

Below is output on screen and we can see that data is loaded successfully  into alias fltd1;

Now, I am using SUBSTRING function to filter out data and Month and assigning data type. I am assigning date and month into new column.

trd1 = FOREACH fltd1 GENERATE cmpid, prd, cmpny, stt, SUBSTRING(dtr,5,9), SUBSTRING(dtr,0,1);

We can use describe function to check schema of alias and datatype.

I am assigning data type to date and month for the new column.

trd1 = FOREACH fltd1 GENERATE cmpid, prd, cmpny, stt, SUBSTRING(dtr,5,9)as year, SUBSTRING(dtr,0,1) as month;

I am grouping alias trd1 based on company and state.

grd1 = GROUP trd1 BY (cmpny, stt);

Now, I am counting alias trd1 based on grouping.

aggrd1 = FOREACH grd1 GENERATE group, COUNT(trd1);

Dump aggrd1;

Now, I am counting the total number of complains and getting output in descending order.

srtd1 = ORDER aggrd1 BY $1 DESC;

I am getting below output by using command Dump srtd1;

I got the expected output i.e. Number of tickets raised by different company along with the state. I am storing the final output into HDFS for BI processing.

STORE srtd1 INTO ‘pigoutput’ ;

Now I can check using HDFS command – new directory being created at HDFS location.

hadoop fs –ls pigoutput

We can see success file and part-r-00000 files created inside pigoutput directory. Actual content is present on filename part-r-00000


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