The Merits of Hadoop as a Data Solution

Hadoop is an amazing programming framework which is quickly gaining prominence. It is sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation and has the support of the Java programming community. Hadoop as a solution does have its merits because it can simplify big data and allow normal consumers to simplify the concept of volumetric data available on the internet. Here are some important details to understand this framework:

The Arrival of Hadoop

Hadoop as a solution was formulated by top computer experts Mike Cafarella and Doug Cutting in 2006. It was initially designed for supporting a search engine and to perform functions just like MapReduce that supports Google. It works by breaking an application into more manageable smaller blocks, which can then be run from any node in the computer network.

The data solution became publicly accessible in 2012, when it was formulated as part of the Apache project. Hadoop has seen consistent improvements throughout its lifecycle, and currently, the second version is available for resource management in a variety of environments. Hadoop as a solution is expanding quickly and now offering support to applications that run on Microsoft Windows. It provides excellent analytical support through open-source data processing.

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How Hadoop Runs

Hadoop as a solution offers service by using thousands of hardware nodes that are often available on the internet. This practices allows the use of thousands of terabytes which can bring is huge loads of data, but still make the process simple, with the use of a distributed file system. The system is empowered this way and can continue to offer functionality if a few of the hardware nodes fail, because the big data is divided over thousands of individual sections.

Hadoop has quickly emerged as a powerful solution, which especially provides a way of carrying out big data tasks, without ever requiring strong hardware sources at a single spot. It brings power to the concept of the internet of things (IoT) and allows the use of sensor data which has a large volume for processing at a single network location.

Taking Advantage of Hadoop

Hadoop as a solution is ideal for providing software support in various data center situations. The open-source solution is perfect for cloud services which often need to scale to different levels. This means that the best advantage of Hadoop can be gained by large cloud service providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. They can empower several functions and improve the abilities of their current cloud solutions.

The Future

The future of Hadoop is extremely bright and we see that several organizations will find Hadoop as a solution as beneficial and capable of producing strong and complex analytics through the use of multiple nodes. There are already several organizations that are offering Hadoop as an excellent data solution and are prepared to offer the amazing benefits that are on offer with the technological advancement.

Hadoop as a solution certainly is going to make an impact in the world of big data processing. It has the capacity to improve the current set of cloud services.

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