Why MongoDB is so important for big data


MongoDB often confuses people because they don’t understand what its purpose is. MongoDB doesn’t have a singular purpose – it is good in many instances, and yes, it is bad in some situations too, but that is just how every piece of technology is. We have different languages and databases because no one technology can be the best fit for every situation. The main thing which makes MongoDB so great, especially when it comes to big data, is its approach

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What makes Scala & Spark so powerful?


People who work with Python in Spark often hear people discuss Scala and how good it is. If you are wondering whether you should learn Scala, you are probably asking the same question most people asked before they started using Scala: Is it really that better than Python? The answer, you might be surprised to know, is yes – and it is a definite yes. Usually, the experts always have some caveats, some exceptions where the alternative still proves useful

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What are the advantages of BIG DATA Analytics, and how will it impact the future

Big Data Analytics Advantages

Big Data Analytics Advantages : Big Data Analytics Advantages : In the present era, Big data analytics is no longer used only for the purpose of experimenting. Many companies began to achieve a lot more real results with its approach, and  they are expanding their efforts to surround more data and models. It is a term that used to describe the collection, availability, and processing of streaming data in real-time of  huge volumes. The three V’s are nothing but volume,

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Importance of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

The term itself is not new and there is a very good reason for that. Companies across the globe, both large conglomerates and small start ups are utilizing its potential to gain valuable insight into existing operations for future development and to improve their customer service. Take today’s data for instance. According to a study conducted by scientists at the UC San Diego, by 2024, most businesses across the globe would have processed the digital equivalent of a gigantic number

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Big Data Market size in coming future

big data

Big Data Market size in coming future Big data is here to stay and business owners couldn’t be happier. The term emerged in a bid to describe the large volumes of information that databases comprise of, manage and maintain, but the concept has taken on a life of its own in the modern era. Now it not only refers to the information itself, but also encompasses a number of technologies that can handle the same tasks to solve complex problems.

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Types of Big Data Analytics


What is Big Data and how is it Useful? As the name implies, the term Big Data can be applied to any internal and external enterprise based information that can be used to make business forecasts, improve existing infrastructures, manage smart power grids, manage business intelligence and other applications. Incidentally, this phenomenon is characterized by three main factors namely: Volume – how much data is too much data Velocity/Speed – the speed at which data is flowing in and out

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Benefit of learning Big Data

Benefit of learning Big Data

Benefit of learning Big Data Benefit of learning Big Data – Big data which is one of the buzzword today, is basically both a technical and marketing terms which refers to a most priceless organization asset-information. It additionally signifies to a pattern in technology that is driving the path to another methodology in comprehending the world and settling on business choices. Such decisions are taken based on extremely big amounts of organized, unorganized and complex data – like tweets, different

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