The Age of Social Media Marketing has Only Just Begun

Many people say that we are living in the age of social media, but that isn’t true. Yes, we are living in an age where social media has been introduced, but we have only just started. Companies are still coming to terms with what social media can do for them, and the same is true for people.

Social media is only a few years old at this point, and while it has completely changed the way we live, it hasn’t even done 10% of what it will end up doing. Social media is already becoming the default way for people to communicate, but it will slowly become the default way to do anything on the internet.

Social media marketing is thus, a very lucrative career right now, with many jobs available in pretty much every region of the world, but it is going to be much more lucrative in the future. The reality is that social media marketing is still not being taken as seriously as it should be. Here are 3 things that will become commonplace in the industry as time goes on.

1 – More focus on statistics

Many companies are just starting out with their social media marketing, and they are not taking the metrics seriously. Companies think simply posting things on their social media pages is enough – they aren’t properly measuring and comparing traffic and engagement data. Thus, they are also wasting a lot of their marketing budgets. As soon as they realize their mistake, they will start focusing on the technical side of social media marketing.

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2 – Elimination of older marketing methods

Industry based magazines are still the preferred way to market services in many sectors, but that should be changing fast. We have seen the trend of industry based social media pages grow, and with them, so will the phenomena of social media marketing being done through them. If you want to start your own social media campaign, it is a great idea to first create a page for your own industry and bringing the industry together on the page through what you know about social media marketing.

3 – Experienced Social Media Marketers Needed

This is going to be the most profound change in the industry. Social media itself is only a decade old, and social media marketing is barely half as old. This means that even a director level position on social media marketing requires only 2-3 years of experience at max, and the manager level positions can be attained with only 1 year of experience. That is why this is the perfect time to enter the industry – you don’t have to compete with highly experienced people, because there are no highly experienced people. Once social media marketing is a decade or two old, the job postings will start asking for a decade of experience too.

Social media marketing is the future – although there may be a replacement for Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram in the future, but social media as a platform is here to stay.

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