Time Management Tips for Digital Marketers

Time management is something we need to master to be productive. The way we plan and use our time is very important because it determines the level of productivity we achieve in both our personal and professional lives.Organizing our tasks and planning the time we spend on each thing seems to be a problem for some people.

In the field of digital marketing, the skill of time management plays a significant role in the growth of your career. It is easy for digital marketers to get distracted because of the amount of time spent on your phone, so it is essential to stay focused on the tasks you need to complete. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips to help you get control of your time and increase productivity.

Nine Better Time Management Tips For Digital Marketers

1.Plan Out Your Day: It is very necessary for us to plan and visualize our day, whether it’s the night before or first thing in the morning. We need to have a plan of what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it. This will help us save our time because we already know all we have to do during the day.

2.Allocate Time For Every Task: When there is a task to complete, rather than just spending a whole day doing a part of it, we can split it into stages and decide on how much time we will spend on each stage. We will end up finishing your work within the time limit, rather than spending more time. Setting specific time limits and staying focused on that task will significantly increase our productivity. Using a countdown timer will also help us complete the task within the time limit.

3.Do Not Multitask: We may not know this, but our brain does not work faster when it is trying to focus on more than one thing, it works faster when it is focused on one thing. When we try to multitask, the brain has to shift concentration to something else and switch back to what it was focused on. Unlike the popular belief that multitasking can help you do more in less time, we end up spending double the time we would have spent if we just focused on a single task at a time.

4.Use Time Management & Tracking Apps: Using a time management app will help us organize our life and plan our time more effectively. These apps can help us make to-do lists, remind us of important engagements, and make our life easier. Basecamp time tracking can help us track and keep a record of the time we spend on each task; this will help us know exactly how we use your time.

5.Avoid Distractions: If we lose focus during a task, it may take us a while to get back our concentration. We need to get rid of anything that may cause a distraction while we are in our work mode. As a digital marketer, because we work a lot on the internet, there will be a lot of distractions that can make us lose focus. Using an app or an extension, we can limit the time we spend on certain apps; this will help us reduce distraction. These apps will lock us out when the time we are meant to spend on it each day has expired.

6. Rest Between Tasks: Overworking ourselves does not help us save time; there is a difference between pushing ourselves and pushing past our limit. Concentration is not something that should be overworked. That’s why we must relax or take a short nap in between tasks for the good of our bodies. Depending on how long we can concentrate, we can decide on how long we should work and how long we should rest in between tasks.

7. Avoid Unnecessary Tools: It is possible to easily go overboard with the number of tools we think we need as a digital marketer. Installing a lot of new tools may slow us down and waste our money rather than increase our productivity. It is important to try our best to have a toolset with only tools that give us actual benefits.

8. Assign Tasks: Doing all the work by ourselves will take more of our time. A better option is to decide on which tasks are more critical and assign the less important ones to other people on our team. If you work alone, hiring a virtual assistant or freelancer will be an excellent idea to help reduce the workload. They can assist us in performing minor tasks while we concentrate on the main ones.

9. Expand Your Knowledge: Expanding our skillset in our spare time is an excellent idea, sometimes it may not seem beneficial now but it will in the future. We can get new digital marketing certifications or learn to use a new tool or app. For example, buffer, which is a scheduling app that can help schedule social media posts ahead of time.


Have you ever had issues with managing your time? Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have any tips that have helped you manage your time? We will like to hear your opinions, kindly share it in the comment section.

Author’s BIO: Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field. 

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