Top 7 Test Automation Strategies and Best Practices

It is a prerequisite for the medium-sized and small scale business enterprises to automate the process of software testing. It helps in the crucial development of eCommerce operations as well as online services. Test automation plays an integral role in enhancing the efficiency of the software and ensuring that it is of robust quality.

Different kinds of tools are present in the market, which help in the execution of different automated test cases in an effective manner. It is also known to compare the expected and original results. Automated testing ensures the proficiency of the software without repeated involvement or any sort of manual intervention.

Here is a list of the best test automation strategies as well as best practices:

Hiring the best automation engineers

You cannot ask the manual testers of the software development organization to rely on test automation. If you want that they should be involved in test automation, you should ensure to set them free from the work of manual testing. Test automation is considered to be a full-time job. You require hiring dedicated resources for the testing of software successfully. Hence, you should ensure to set a test automation team which comprises of one automation architect. You can also consider hiring several automation engineers who will work under the assistance of the specific test automation engineer. The total count of the automation engineers relies on the size as well as the total count of the products.

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Though automation tools are crucial, they cannot provide the right solution to each thing

Choosing the right automation tool plays an integral role in ensuring a successful software automation testing. There are few companies, that offer the Test automation services but they have the wrong notion that if they have chosen the prerequisite tools, they will be capable of automating each and everything without any hassles. You need to keep in mind that automation tools are not going to provide each and everything. They play an integral role in making the process of software testing easy. You require the skilled resources for the completion of the testing.

A wide array of automation tools is available in the market which is known to be very buggy. They take the prerequisite time for the identification of complicated objects, present on the app. If you have hired a team of dedicated and well-skilled resources, they adopt unique resources for the successful conduction of software testing. If you fail to hire good quality of resources, software testing tools cannot ensure the successful completion of test automation.

Good automation indicates good and effective manual test cases

If the manual test cases are written strongly and nicely, it provides support to the automation of the test cases, which can be automated at ease. Hence, it is recommended that the first case should be written in the manual form. You require identifying different prerequisites as well as test the data. You should ensure to write the steps clearly and write the expected results, before every step. You should ensure that the automation testers should be running the test cases at least once manually and decide on the objects which should be identified, as well as the flow of the navigation.

Identification of different opportunities with the automation

If you choose to automate a manual test case, you do not automate it. Instead, you require finding specific opportunities in the automation for the expansion of the scope of the test case. You need to make it data-driven for the expansion of the test case. You require enlisting the different scenarios of login such as empty password, invalid password, invalid email, invalid user name, blank username, etc. You also require enlisting different possible scenarios along with the expected result in a specific excel file after which the excel file should be put to the test case as the data source.

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Choose the automation tool, which is well versed with the resources

If the resources, you have hired have a high familiarity with C# and the application which is tested has been developed in the C# platform, you do not need to choose a specific tool that does not provide C# for the writing of scripts. Learning a language consumes a lot of time. You can say no to the learning curve by purchasing a tool that provides the least learning curve.

It is not possible to test automate each and everything

Test automation indicates that you need to conduct fewer tests, more frequently. You can begin by attacking different smoke tests in the starting. Next to that, you require covering the build acceptance tests. After this, you need to move on the frequently performed tests and then to the time taking tests. You should ensure that each test, you are automating plays an integral role in saving ample time and that the manual tester can concentrate on a crucial factor.

Automation cannot be used as a replacement of the manual tester. It helps in removing the repetition of the manual testing and thus the testers will be capable of utilizing their complete strength and complete focus to find new testing bugs and scenarios. Automation of the tests is known to be of high value. It also helps in saving a lot of time.

Automation refers to the process of development of software

If you intend to develop high quality of software and launch it in the market, it is essential to adopt the best ever practices. Hence, you require code reviews for writing codes of good quality. You need to follow a design framework or pattern for consistent maintenance. Automation refers to the process of software development. Here, you need to follow the best ever practices for developing software and test automation.

Automation testing plays a vital role in validating different stages of a software project. It plays an integral role in bringing an improvement in the communication among the designers, coders, and the owners of the products so that any sort of potential glitches can be rectified immediately.

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