Roles and Responsibilities of a Core Java developer

Roles and Responsibilities of a Core Java developer : With the complete digitisation taking over the world, numerous jobs have come to the forefront. Among the various job opportunities, one specific role that remains the most popular is of a Java developer. Today, Java programming language is used across platforms, be it developing apps for Android devices and banks or financial companies and web. IT recruiters are often looking for programmers with Java skills. This has led to an increase in demand for skilled and responsible core Java developers at home as well as international jobs market.

What is Java?

Developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems (later acquired by Oracle), Java is a compiled Object Oriented Programming language. Interestingly, the language was invented accidentally by James Gosling and his team when they were trying to clean up some issues with C++. Initially it was named Oak, and then later renamed as Java. Before we dive into what is Java, it should be noted that despite having an almost similar name, Javascript shouldn’t be mistaken to be related to Java.

Java programming is undoubtedly among the popular languages, and known for its efficient processing speed in software and computer games, and also applications for desktop as well as mobile. It is also used to develop software and web-based applications for several platforms.

Another reason for its popularity is that the compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. Java applications have a very good performance as the just-in-time compiler continuously analyses and optimizes it. It comes with automatic memory management allowing developers to write applications without worrying about memory allocation and deallocation.

Java is an easy-to-learn programming language with three widely used editions:

Java EE – An enterprise standard for web and mobile applications to build scalable business services.

Java SE – Secure, cost-effective and efficient applications for a wide range of computing platforms.

Java Embedded – To build highly functional solutions for embedded, connected devices.

 The Growing Demand for Java Developers


Java is the foundation for all types of networked application and a global standard for developing embedded applications, games, web content, and enterprise software. So, there has been an increasing demand for Java developers.

 Java is a statically typed language, which enables more stable and secure programs compared to others. This safety and stability is something most companies are looking for.

Java, JavaScript, C and C++, and Python all top the list of languages developers know. However, going by the several reports online, Java has been showing an uptick in interest by recruiters. For instance, an Indeed study reveals that Java is among the most frequently requested job postings for software engineers, software architects and DevOps engineers. Another report via TechRepublic points out that 2017 witnessed immense growth in demand for developers. A Computer Weekly’s Survey of Appointment and Trends suggests that the demand for Java skills is soaring and creating a boom for programmers. StackOverflow recently reported that Java was the language that saw the biggest rise in-demand from businesses in the UK and Ireland during the second half of this year.

The need for Java developers is felt worldwide, especially in companies that are in some way or the other associated with Information Technology. The companies involved with functions like software testing, database designing, website development, cell phone programming, intranet or internet designing etc. are the ones hiring these professionals the most. Hence, more and more employers today, are hiring individuals with a promising past experience in java coding and developing.

These jobs are offered readily to whoever deserves them and they are equally readily taken away from the individuals who fail to perform their part. As a Core JAVA developer, it is important that you understand the basic roles and responsibilities that your position bestows on you. This will not only help you to save your job but will also allow you to make good progress in the field of Java development.

The roles and responsibilities of a Core Java Developer ?

Java developers work on the programming language to create dynamic apps and work websites. With about nine million Java developers across the world, they have major roles and responsibilities. To grow as a Java developer and make yourself recognisable on a wider platform, it is important that you perform most, if not all, responsibilities expected with utmost efficiency. To perform them well, you will first need to be acquainted with the roles and responsibilities. The following is the list of some of the major roles and responsibilities that a Java developer needs to live up to, depending upon his experience:

As a Java developer, your key roles and responsibilities would depend upon whether you are a fresher or a senior level Java developer. Let’s take a quick look:

For freshers, analyzing user needs and defining site objective, build applications using programming languages and software, design as well as implement user interfaces for online/offline applications, code development and testing, integrate apps with networks, servers and databases. In addition, a junior Java developer will also need to troubleshoot problems with application development and also its use. They have to work with other developers to produce optimal outcomes and support users with assistance tools and guides.

A senior-level Java developer works in collaboration with other members of the planning and strategy team. The planning can be elaborate depending upon the enterprise system. They have to create modules of the initial enterprise system.  This will be followed by planning and working with the development team by advanced coding. A senior level job would also mean assigning some of the work to junior developers such as simpler coding, testing the coded modules and fixing problems if any. It is their responsibility to ensure the process is smooth without any hiccups. Once the features are tested and deployed, it is their responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the product/ application throughout its lifecycle.

In a nutshell, they create, test and support applications as well as requests that come from the business sections.

Grow as a Java Developer

It is necessary that a JAVA developer shows interest in developmental activities for software and its architecture. One of the main functions of the Java developer is to design and develop software based prototypes for its employer’s company. He or she must always be proactive and stay in tune with the latest upgradations of the software. It is important for a core Java developer to be a part of the testing of prototypes. He or she should always be interested in the job in hand and extremely keen on learning new things. This would help open up newer avenues and broaden the horizon. Always remember, script languages and programs change, and a developer should ensure he or she is well updated on these in order to execute functions efficiently. Depending upon the expertise of the field, more rules and responsibilities will arise.

Mistakes that a Java developer must avoid

Java developers must never forget to check existing libraries, which are pre-defined and accessible for free. These libraries could be quite resourceful, instead of trying to write a code from scratch. Issues sometimes remain undiscovered until the asset reaches production. These small errors could prove to be quite painful, so it is important that you don’t miss even one break command. To avoid consuming resources, it is important to free a file once it is used.

 Java programming language is among the most popular today, and those looking to become Java developers will find a plethora of options online. We offer programming courses as well as certification training, which you can learn online in an engaging and resourceful manner.

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