8 Reasons You Must Go for an Android First Development

Governing the mobile application industry, the Android operating system, accounts for 86% and beyond market share in app development. Along with this significant margin in the market share, Google poses very few restrictions for publishing applications to the Play Store. This makes developers incline more towards Android mobile development. The ease enables developers to collect crucial information such as usage patterns, user response, etc. They can make applications work in a better manner with such applications. An Android mobile app Development Company can always help you attain real users with their services. We have penned down the reasons for which Android development must be your go-to choice each time.

Top 8 Benefits of Android Development

In terms of costs, functionality, and restrictions, the benefits of Android development surpass iOS. As we know that knowledge is better than supposition, it is vital to know the factors that make Android mobile development a must in today’s time. Make the correct choice for business growth by choosing Android. Let’s look at some crucial factors:

Android Development Offers High ROI: Android is home to a myriad of clients belonging to diverse backgrounds. This makes applications less expensive. Downloading these applications for free is possible and accessible on the play store compared to other OS. So if you are a start-up wanting to make your name in the industry, then launching your app on Android can prove to be highly useful. Android development offers high ROI as well as is low-cost. Also, when you opt for Android mobile development, there will be no need to purchase additional devices. This makes it cost-effective. But when it comes to iOS app development, you will need to buy a Mac-book. The only expense that you will need to bear is the design phase of the application. Under this, there are graphics, coding, assets, audio creation, etc. Also, you can opt to pay a little more for promotion. You can guarantee client engagement and low investment as engineers can utilize any device for testing apps on their Smartphones. End users can thereby benefit from interactive applications that will again lead to high ROI.


Targeting Another Platform is Feasible: When you use the Java platform, developing Android app development software becomes easier. This is especially beneficial for porting the app to various platforms such as Symbian and Ubuntu. Thereby as a marketer, you attain the prospect of targeting numerous platforms with the help of Android mobile development. Android application development’s official language is Kotlin which Google shapes. This is a substitute for Java. You can develop applications operating on Android and Java Desktop Ver with Kotlin.


Versatility and Scalability with Android Studio: The benefit of Android development tripled after Android Studio’s introduction This is because it led to a boost in the flexibility and scalability of OS. Now you can integrate the app with the complete network of Android with the assistance of Android Studio. This incorporates tablets, Android TV, tablets, and Wearables. It is even possible to make the Android app well-matched with futuristic technologies like VR, AR, and IoT. This shows the perks you will receive after developing an Android app.

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Low Entry Barriers: It is a must to utilize a Mac while building an iOS app. This is entirely the opposite of the Android programming language. You can create Android apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Enlisting as an engineer on the platform Google Play Store will demand you a one-time fee of $25 while it is a yearly charge of $99 with the Apple App Store. So clearly, we can locate the difference here. When you are an Android developer, the entry cost is much lower. Also, as you complete Android application development, you will receive approval and deployment on Google Play in just by one day. Along with this, if we look at user feedback, Google Play Store apps can undergo updating several times. In terms of effectiveness, too, Android is the clear winner.


Market Share: The previous 5 years’ stats show Android mobile development at an unswerving pace. Android is also conscripting its presence in a broad geographical and demographic range of Smartphone users. There is a straightforward impact of Smartphone development on this that is making it go beyond $190 billion in revenue from the stores that approve Android. As per a report, 86.1% of the cell phone market share transported globally by 2019 is under the Android market’s complete domination. The sum is, of course, massive and carries an enormous market of prospective clients. These stats are adequate for developers to incline towards the development of apps on the Android platform. With more than 3.14 million apps, Google Play Store is the leading position for the various apps available for download.


More Flexibility Features: As you think of indulging in Android app development software, it is vital to learn about the features you can offer to end-users. Android is an open-source platform that gives you the liberty of customizing the Android app with more flexibility. So you can also put forward the features and functions that the users require.


Learn Android Application Development Quickly: You might wonder why Android mobile development is quick and easy to learn? Well, the answers are many and surprising too! For instance, the development factor for Android is flexibility, includes an exposed working model, and ensures easy resource availability. The growth of Android as a mobile application development community indeed has mounted over the past few years. It will keep on growing rapidly in the coming years as well. As you opt for developing Android app development software, you will also get the hands-on, attractive time and cost mediums. The features and procedure of approval are very generous that results in live applications faster and simpler.

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Heartening the Android Developers Community: Android developers’ communities are one of those communities that are highly well-established. This OS is equipped with more than 300 software, hardware partners, and carriers that make app building very easy. These also help you in pushing your business in the correct direction. The application developers of Android function together on the open platform and where they share their application development knowledge, skills, and experience with one another. All this takes place during the application development procedure. Hence, the realm of Android mobile development is always favorable to suave learning. The app development environment also sustains the requirements of application developers, especially those who are beginners. When you are a pro and seeking extra support, you can opt for the Android platform. Google even accelerates the documentation of every educational resource for assisting Android app developers at all stages.

Final Say

When you are all set to begin your exciting ride with Android mobile development, you need the best Android mobile app Development Company’s assistance. Proper selection of the application development is vital as it can make or break your game. The app developers must aptly comprehend your app and business needs. The best application development services are the ones that emphasize maximizing the prospects of accomplishing market success. The developers help you achieve this by considering the myriad of IDE features, varied market demographics, and application programming nature. The result will automatically be a flexible and smart Android application.

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