3 Technologies Empowering Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the most important type of marketing in the world. The biggest advantage that digital marketing has over traditional marketing is that it is targeted. When you publish an ad in a newspaper, you hope that a few of the people who see the ad will be interested in your products. With digital marketing, advertisers can choose who sees their ads, which allows for much greater ROI. It also allows smaller businesses to advertise at low costs since they only pay for the people who actually end up looking at their ads.

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All this targeting happens thanks to data analytics. Big data plays a big part in the process – without it, targeting would be impossible. In order to create a marketing profile of customers, systems have to comb through billions of online searches and trends to bring out patterns as well as trends to help marketers target the right people. This is not easy work but it is worth the time and cost put into it. There are many exciting technologies that allow marketers to reap the benefits of big data such as:

Big Data Advantages


MongoDB is a fantastic way of creating relational databases. Analytics are all about the relations between different variables. Marketers need to predict what type of a person would be interested in a certain product, for which they use relational data (such as, this person seems interested in comic books; they might want to buy comic book themed apparel) to empower online ad networks. MongoDB’s advantage is it’s similarity to JSON and the ability to handle dynamic schemas.

Analytics with R

R is a godsend for people who need to work with data analytics and processing. It is among the most used statistical tools in the world and for good reason. It combines many different data analysis techniques in one place. R empowers advertisers and developers both by putting everything they need within their reach. Another great advantage of R is its ability to create engaging and beautiful data representations which allows non-technical people to understand its results.

Scala & Spark

Scala & Spark is one of the fastest engines out there for processing data on a very large scale. When things start to get serious and when you are handling millions of rows of data, Scala & Spark is the way to do it at the greatest speed possible. It is being used more and more often due to the advantages it has over python. Python can be very slow when it comes to large scale data processing needs of today while Scala & Spark combined can easily deliver in the same situations.

There are many other similar technologies that have made big data processing possible. The advertisers and developers of tomorrow will have to make themselves familiar with big data technologies. As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, the available data will only increase and the need of processing even more data than we do now will become apparent.

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