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Social Media Advertisement:

Social network advertising also social media targeting, are collective names, which are used in describing types of online advertising, which focus on the social networking services. One of the main benefit of this kind of advertising is that advertiser may take advantage of users’ basic information and target all their ads appropriately.

Generally, social advertising is a kind of advertising that relies only on social networks or information, in targeting, generating, also delivering marketing communication. Social advertising may be part of broader social media marketing plan designed in connecting with the consumers. There are a hundred types different marketing plans or strategies only one is able to bring consistent sales right from day one; social media advertising.

Benefits of Social Media Advertisement:

Below are some of the factors, as to why social media advertising is the best for quick returns on investment:

  • Some of the channels give good results, though not every day. For example, an influence marketer can be able to earn you fast results concerning sales using minimal efforts. However, the results do not continue generating over time.
  • Some avenues are consistent but take a lot of time in dialing. For example, ad words may produce consistent result for your brand. However, this might take some time to earn and master specific placement.

Using the social media to advertise, you can achieve consistent sales right from day one, when your website was live. For latest eCommerce sites, the capability to consistency to bring new customers is very high.

Types of social media platform to serve Ads:

  • Micro blogging ( Tumblr,Twitter)
  • Video sharing (Facebook live, vimeo, YouTube, periscope)
  • Photo sharing (snapchat, instagram, pinterest)
  • Social networking(google+, facebook, linkedln)


Best social media for Advertisement:

In every week, there are social media that comes in. Some of them never get any kind of attraction. It is very wise to start with the most popular sites, later after gaining some returns you can try other campaigns. Below are some of the trusted and proven social media channels that you can follow and generate consistent return on invest. They are the best platforms to invest your money.

  • Snapchat
  • Pinterst
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • Linkedln

Benefits of social Media Advertisement:

  • They grow your fan base and sales greatly
  • Less money is wasted
  • Use the customer generated information for ads
  • A/B test on fly, using platform information

The captivating thing concerning the social advertising is that there is no essential limit on your capability to scale. You do not need to wait for anybody to search the targeted keyword. You do not need to wait for anybody to read or run your blog. If you desire targeting 50,000 in a day, you can. However, the social media you choose to use depends on the following factors.

  • You will have to identify where the customers you target are highly, concentrated.
  • Where the customers easily found
  • Where the targeted group actively engage

For you to find success on the social media platform, you must put into consideration various factors. You will be required to present compelling offers through compelling platform and to people that will find it compelling. Whenever you add an advertising product, try and find the platform that many users actively participate with the paid ads.

Facebook advertising:

This is a universal social media network. Facebook has many users on the world. Therefore, it provides a sufficient platform for advertisers to reach almost everyone. The number of the users continues to increase every day. Most of the companies are quite wise to this platform.

There are 50 million companies registered in Facebook. 4 million among them use ads on platform. The advertisement on Facebook has endured quite some time since original, right ad format was added. This has been a great boost to the facebook marketers.

How to set Facebook advertising campaigns:

There are three major steps in running a successful Facebook ad campaign:

  • Setting up the target
  • Setting your ad
  • Setting up the targeting

Facebook advertising tactics:

  • The actual using of emojis in the ads has spread like wild fire, even between larger or more established brand. Therefore, consider using it in your ads.
  • Do not run same ads to all your audiences. Your re-targeting and prospective ads should always be unique.
  • Make sure to use prospecting ads in building the brand awareness, and teaching your audience about your product.
  • Do not use the same ad for a long time. Consider changing to avoid ad fatigue.

Snapchat advertising:

This platform works well with pure engagement metric more so for the younger audiences. Its sponsored lenses and filters are made to get user to have fun, engage, and promote products. Awareness and visibility are key markers for the snapchat ad.


Twitter has various advertising methods. Let your brand work on attracting new followers. You can easily get a high number of followers depending on how you launch your product. Twitter ads aid in growing awareness and driving clicks direct to your website.


All the ads in pinterest are used for generating immediate sale of your services or the products. Other pins will automatically blend with the content you have paid. This allows your brand to operate as an alternative for your website.


With a specific demographic, this platform is more appropriate for business-to-business engagements. The LinkedIn help in generating leads, gain visibility, and boost traffic to the web pages.

Social media advertising and marketing:

SMM refers to a group of many methods and operations that are used in generating publicity, through social channels and internet community. The major reason as to why the face of marketing is rapidly changing is that the marketers have realized the need of going where there are many clients.

Generally, the clients are just hanging on the online social sites and pages. Therefore, the most important investment you need to make is just effort and time. Every week you need to take some time so that your social media, marketing campaign can be effective. Without proper consistency it might not work. It is all matter of what you are willing to give.

Advantages of social media advertising:

  • Familiarity the most appropriate platform for advertising your goods or services is the one that has the audience you are targeting. This means that you ave taken adequate time to research and get familiar with the site. Using a platform that you and your audience are familiar with, it definitely gives you an advantage.
  • Cost effectiveness mostly social media follows pay per click system. This means you only pay when the user takes the action that you want them to take.
  • Supporting contents additionally, to the paid content for advertising on the platform, you may as well be sharing and posting other contents like videos, photos, and website link via your free platform. You can easily message and reach all your audience.
  • Targeting through the social media advertising, you have the full control of any person viewing your ads, saving the effort, time, and money. With the social media advertising, you can comfortably bring the message to the targeted niche you desire. Through using tools such as hash tags and the unique landing page, this can make your promotions, focused and more relevant hence profitable.
  • Measure your success this is engaging on the social media. They include; like, tweets, downloads, retweets, shares, and the posts are quit easier to track and effective in measuring success of the brand.

Challenges of social media advertising:

  • Competition generally, the social media is very much crowded. Research has proved that 88% of companies in America use social media marketing. This means that you have to create more time in investing, in a compelling and unique content. In the alternative, you can hire an expert to work on your product. Failing to do so, this can bring poor returns.
  • Constant monitoring social media requires total monitoring. Time is a precious just like money, when it comes to business world. You will be required to engage with your customers. Get to their feedback as soon as possible, and make sure to post content that will make you be easily noticed. Therefore, you will have to create time for your social media in every week. This will make sure that you are having what you want your audience to see.
  • Education the most unfortunate thing is that there is no shortcut to success. This mean that there is quite a lot you need to learn concerning the paid adverts on the social media. When you get the wrong message on your advert this can lead to a bad loss in your company.

Try as much as possible to avoid your message being misconstrued. The cost per click may jump or your audience gets the wrong message. Regardless of the kind of business you are operating, social media advertising has proved to be the future of marketing. Just like any other business, you will be required to put all everything into it including your time. Targeting the right audience matters a lot in growing your business.


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