What Is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Very few people do a good job of defining digital marketing in a simple form. Most definitions complicate the term without any necessity. Digital marketing is not a new concept. It arrived on the scene as soon as electronic devices and gadgets started becoming commonplace in society. There is a misconception that digital marketing has only to with content marketing and social media. While these are part of digital marketing, the subject itself is more all-encompassing

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Social Media for Advertisement


Social Media Advertisement: Social network advertising also social media targeting, are collective names, which are used in describing types of online advertising, which focus on the social networking services. One of the main benefit of this kind of advertising is that advertiser may take advantage of users’ basic information and target all their ads appropriately. Generally, social advertising is a kind of advertising that relies only on social networks or information, in targeting, generating, also delivering marketing communication. Social advertising

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16 Off Page SEO Techniques

off page SEO Techniques

Top 16 off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques to boost website traffic – Introduction: Top 16 off page SEO Techniques – There are two separate types of SEO approaches namely Off-Page and the On-Page. Both can be implemented on your blog or business website to generate traffic and even rank them to the higher positions in a search engine. Many people have a great liking for the off-page SEO and thus prefer using it to link building. The article will

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Search Engine Marketing: Google’s smart play


Search Engine Marketing: Google’s smart play : Achieving efficiency is hard when it comes to marketing, but search engine marketing has long been one of the best marketing tools in terms of ROI. Search engine marketing is so successful because it reaches people who are looking to buy a product or service. If you search for red jeans, for example, odds are that you want to buy red jeans. An ad about red jeans will result in you making a

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The Art of Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is finally being taken with the seriousness that it has always deserved, which has resulted in an interesting fragmentation of the work. Companies are starting to realize that technical efficiency in social media marketing is a completely different beast than artistic skills. Social media marketing is taken as one job right now, but we are going towards a future where there will be a social media manager, and a social media artist, both working together to run

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The Future of Search Engine Marketing

Future of Search Engine Marketing

The Future of Search Engine Marketing : Future of Search Engine Marketing – When it comes to marketing, the one big problem which was hard to solve in the past, was about reaching the customer at the right time. You can give the same suggestion to a person a hundred times, and that person may react differently at all those times. What’s more, you don’t just need to reach the right person with your marketing approach; you also need to

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The Age of Social Media Marketing has Only Just Begun

Social Media Marketing

Many people say that we are living in the age of social media, but that isn’t true. Yes, we are living in an age where social media has been introduced, but we have only just started. Companies are still coming to terms with what social media can do for them, and the same is true for people. Social media is only a few years old at this point, and while it has completely changed the way we live, it hasn’t

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3 Technologies Empowering Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the most important type of marketing in the world. The biggest advantage that digital marketing has over traditional marketing is that it is targeted. When you publish an ad in a newspaper, you hope that a few of the people who see the ad will be interested in your products. With digital marketing, advertisers can choose who sees their ads, which allows for much greater ROI. It also allows smaller businesses to advertise at low costs

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