8 Professions AI Can Substitute In The Nearest Future

If you not sure whether your job will be taken by robots, read our post to know what jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future.

One of the most feared things around AI is that this rapid development will replace many jobs soon.

Well, of course, even when computers were being introduced, many people feared that they would lose their jobs.

However, what happened afterward was different from what many people thought.
Computers increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

The same applies to Artificial Intelligence.

In fact, 80% of business and tech leaders say AI has increased job opportunities and improved productivity.

Undeniably, AI is outperforming humans in many areas but this is not to say that all jobs will be replaced.

AI and the Job Market
To some extent, AI and robots will make work easier for humans while on the other hand, some professions will be taken by technology.

According to online assignment help close to 42% of jobs will be displaced by artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, a World Economic Forum report suggests that AI could create 58 million new jobs by 2022.

As it is, it’s not easy to envision exactly what the job market will look like in the years to come.

However, we can expect to have jobs that don’t exist now in five to ten years to come due to new needs and demands.

To help you stay on the look on matters of AI and the employment sector, we have curated a list of eight professions that can be replaced by AI soon.
1. Receptionist

This profession is already 96% replaced by AI because automated calls and scheduling systems are already implemented in many workplaces. This is evident in the largest companies and organizations that operate globally.

2. Proofreaders

The need for proofreading experts is going to die soon as many proofreading applications and software are coming up every day.

Today, you can check spelling and grammar as you type your document or use Grammarly and Hemingway Editor App if you wish. In fact, some of these proofreading software tools can detect plagiarism and wrong sentence structure.

All these technologies have simplified proofreading and no doubt, proofreaders might be replaced by automated software soon.

3. Telemarketing

99% of telemarketing can be done by AI robots.

In fact, you probably have received automated calls from large multinational companies about products or services they offer.

Studies suggest that the growth of the telemarketing profession will go down by 3 percent by 2024.

The skills required in telemarketing allow for this role to be taken by robots because to be a successful telemarketer, you don’t need to have emotional intelligence.

Besides, the conversion rate for telemarketers is also low which makes this role vulnerable to replacement by AI robots.

4. Couriers

We’re soon going to see delivery being done by robots so it’s safe for messengers to start switching to other professions or prepare how to survive when the replacement is fully in place.

Drones and robots have already started phasing out this profession and we can expect this field to be dominated by automation completely soon.

5. Driving

The taxi and public transport space might soon be dominated by automation.
Tesla has introduced semi-autonomous vehicles and soon, we can expect to see this sector taken over by the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles.

6. Book-Keeping

There is a 98% chance that book-keeping clerks are going to be replaced by AI-enabled gadgets.

Currently, a lot of tasks that involve book-keeping are already getting automated thanks to the introduction of software programs like Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and many others that have reduced the cost of book-keeping.

7. Computer Support Specialist

These days most computer troubleshooting can be done even by non-techie due to the plenty of step-by-step guides, tutorials, and tips shared by experts on the internet.
In case you want to remove the Blue Screen of Death on your computer, you can use another computer connected to the internet and resolve the issue yourself.

Also, large companies are now using automated software to handle customer support questions so it’s no surprise that automated robots might replace this profession.

8. Advertising

In just a few years ago, newspaper and radio advertising was the hottest trend. When TVs came, the traditional media became irrelevant.

Today, as many people are using social media, companies are adopting social marketing to reach many people worldwide.

Most of the popular social media platforms offer a ton of ways to promote products or services to the public.

Well, of course, this area might not be replaced completely but we can expect to see huge reliance on automation when it comes to advertising.

It’s Time to Future-Proof Your Career

As AI technology continues to get smarter, staying relevant for tomorrow’s world is becoming more important than ever.

You see, even though AI might replace the professions named above, the technology isn’t going to replace human emotions and behaviors.

In fact, customers prefer to have their issues solved by real humans instead of robots.
Even with that, no one knows what their future holds. While your profession might not be replaced completely, the chances of having most of your roles taken by automated machines are high.

To keep yourself relevant in these changing and turbulent times, you need to future-proof your profession with the steps below.

Admit That Change is Inevitable

Technology has been evolving ever since it was invented- and is getting smarter each day.

No one knows what the future holds for them because we all live by anticipating things.

However, you should know that change is expected.

That means that as technology evolves, so should you.

You need to be adaptable and resilient for you to survive the technology change.
Also, you need to open-minded about any anticipated change so that when it happens,

you can take it head-on instead of resisting.

Learn More About The Technology

Technology has dominated every aspect and sector out there. From health to manufacturing and business, AI is taking over many tasks that used to be handled by humans.

This means that only those who remain tech-savvy will be able to withstand the constant changes in technology.

To future-proof your career, you need to commit your time and resources to learn about the technology.

If you’re a marketer, for instance, you could learn how to use essential marketing tools that help to analyze and track performance.

Many companies have tried to resist AI technology but eventually, they are all adopting it because of the ever-changing customer needs.

Broaden and Hone Your Skillset

Currently, a college degree is becoming the minimum requirement in the job market because over 33.4% of Americans are college graduates.

Soon, having a college degree alone isn’t going to keep you on top of the employment landscape.

So as a rule, you should keep learning new skills especially those that require working with the technology.

The good news is that there are mountains of free and paid online courses out there.
This means that you can enroll in an online course of your choice even when you’re employed.

Hone Your Soft Skills As Well

Even though AI robots can automate technical tasks, jobs that require soft skills such as collaboration, leadership, time management, and many others aren’t going to be replaced by technology.

AI robots don’t have the same emotional intelligence as humans. Therefore, soft skills are going to be in high demand for many years to come.

The good news is that you can enhance your soft skills with online courses.
Instead of worrying about AI taking over jobs, it’s important to focus on staying relevant to the expected changes in technology.

Starting by expanding and honing your skills by taking online classes today to future-proof your profession.

Author Bio:
Joshua Sharp is a technology consultant and one of the professional essay writers from the UK.He is interested in AI and has been sharing advice for how people should embrace technology instead of resisting and sticking to the traditional methods of business.

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