How AI is affecting Digital Marketing in 2021

Technology has been continuously evolving and impacted the surroundings around the world in different ways.

  • It has changed the nature of doing business from brick mortar business to digital store
  • It has changed the nature of shopping from traditional shops to an e-commerce store
  • It has changed the way of learning and teaching in the educational sector
  • It has replicated human beings with AI technologies in many different sectors

Since the advancement of technology has been acknowledged and adopted by the digital world it has given an Omni-channel experience to the consumers.

However, both the consumers and business owners have very efficiently taken the advantage of these technologies.

In this era of digital marketing, AI is playing a significant role, especially for business owners as it replicates a human being equally or in a sense more precisely.

At a very basic level, AI is the intelligence displayed by machines.

How AI has made life easier for digital marketers

AI technology is a very beneficial resource for marketers and has many other benefits such as:

  • It automates work
  • It enhances productivity as it assists in giving 24/7 customer service support which a single human being cannot provide this extend of support
  • It enhances performance and reduces errors
  • It’s cheaper than human inventory
  • It helps in understanding human preferences, needs, and purchasing patterns
  • It enhances customer experience.

Here’s how AI is affecting digital marketing in 2020 and what that means to you.

How AI is affecting digital marketing in 2021

Although there is no stopping of how AI is affecting digital marketing, below are the valuable effects in digital marketing:

1)  Enhanced user experience through adopting AI Chat bots

Since the technologies have changed the nature of buying and selling, these technologies have used digital media more of a personal experience, hence the user experience plays a crucial factor in getting a good return on investments.

Now to enhance the user experience many companies are stepping forward to utilize AI chatbots as it helps them to stay awake.

  • Give 24/7 hours customer support
  • Resolve and answer instantly
  • Highly interactive and courteous because these chatbots don’t have any emotions
  • Multiple tasking quality in chatbots which helps them to deal with multiple clients, chats, and task all at once

ai 2

Ultimately all of these features assist the customer in a better way, hence the marketers use these chatbots in their applications, websites, text messages, and emails.

As it makes the journey for a customer worthwhile, simple, and delightful.

2)  Creating content

Most of us know that AI has enhanced the productivity level for writers or webmasters, writing content for websites in bulk, or composing old content into a new one all this can be done easily through utilizing AI-driven tools.

AI-driven tools like online rephrase allow a webmaster to paraphrase old content into amazing content while eliminating plagiarism in it.

This online rephraser is backed up with AI technologies as it analyzes the content, highlights the words that can be changed according to its enriched vocabulary, and certainly substitutes the words with synonyms to sound it unique.

Creating content is one of the important pillars for any marketer, hence they are widely using online rephraser to create content in bulk and get instant results.

3)  Predicting customer behavior

Ai technology has made marketing easier, as using AI enriched analytics, marketers are fetching data to analyze the customer’s behavior like

  • What are they preferring?
  • What are their purchasing trends?

If the customer is male, what kind of clothes he likes to buy, what are the electronic gadgets the customer likes, etc.

This sort of behavior can be determined through predictive analytics and propensity modeling.

Marketers are cashing in AI-driven tools to fetch these predictive customer behaviors to suggest various products to the customers and improving their services.

One of the major advantages of AI tools is that it automatically learns and improve from experiences, thus it helps marketers to strategize and compete ahead of their competitors in the digital market.

4)  Optimize Text and Voice search

With the advancement in technologies, the digital world is shifting from text to voice.

Traditionally in texting, most people write long phrases whereas in voice scenarios it’s more likely to be targeting abbreviates.

For example, while texting on Google most of us write “what is dyslexia disease and its symptoms”, whereas while voice searching anyone can simply voice over for “Dyslexia disease” and it will show automatically all the relevant information.

Thus digital marketers are optimizing their website and content for voice search while implementing text-based search strategies too.

ai 1

One of the important effects of AI is that marketers are incorporating voice search queries to give direct answers or probable questions.

For example, if a user is asking for “SEO ultimate guide 2020” it will certainly take the user directly onto the webpage of that particular search query How cool right?

Yeah! But apart from that, marketers are also utilizing this technology to create local landing pages according to several locations to derive the customers directly on to the local business page.

5)  Personalization of user experience

AI tools have become an asset for the marketers, as it has enhanced the user experience through making it more personalized.

It helps marketers to create more personalized, targeted ad campaigns and push notifications.

As the AI technology learns from the experience of the user, these experiences add value to the marketers which helps them to offer products, services, content, and discounts at right time to the right customer according to their location and devices.

Now this derived experience which transforms into content is so personalized and relevant that it most probably wins the heart of the customer, thus builds loyalty to the business.

Final verdict

Artificial intelligence is an incredible technology that can work wonders for any brand. Using AI digital marketing strategies will help brands deliver

  • Improved customer experience
  • Market their brand more effectively
  • Save time and money
  • Get results more optimal and fewer errors in it

AI digital marketing is significantly changing the surroundings of how things are virtually giving customers a great experience.

Just imagine how cool it would be if anyone is thinking of the latest smartphone and suddenly someone from our family gives us the same smartphone as a gift.

This is exactly what the AI has given us the gift, before purchasing a product online, the AI suggest us the best product while looking at our previous experiences and interests right at the perfect time.

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