Roles and Responsibilities of Business Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of Business Analyst

Roles and Responsibilities of Business Analyst : A business analyst is the link between IT and the business. The Administration knows little about information technology, and the IT people do not know a lot about business. Mastering the technical issues of both formations is paramount for overcoming the challenges and for the development of tasks, such as management activities and strategic business planning. It is thus, a privileged position, connecting the technical solutions to the business objectives. The Business Analyst

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Challenges faced by a Business analyst and the solution

Challenges faced by a Business analyst

A Business Analyst’s job is often considered as a crème de la crème position that is envied by many. And, why not? The role brings in admiration and commands visibility. Business Analysts are valued in almost all domains and sectors, be it private/public organisations, IT firms, NGOs or government departments. The roles and responsibilities that the position brings help with multi-dimensional growth of the organisation. While they are the carriers of introducing an organisational change and in one of the

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All about Project Management

project managers

What is Project Management? Project Management is a designation offered to the employees in an office who looks after and manages the projects in a most efficient way and the timely way using the resources properly to the utmost level. How to be a Perfect Project Manager Myths about Project Management Often we have heard that the Project Management professionals are known as people managers. But are these people only people managers? Don’t they have any other work than managing

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Perks of Getting PMP Certification

pmp course

Sometimes you may find that you have done a technical degree and also a Management degree, but still something is lacking to you for which you are not getting the required job profile that you are willing to have. You may find others getting promotions and getting placed in different other companies, but your career became stagnant. If you are really facing this type of problem, then this is the right time for you to do a professional course. Among

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How to be a perfect project manager

perfect project manager

How to be a perfect project manager ? To be a perfect project manager : The project managers need special training which groom them and make them qualified for their post. The project managers need to tackle a lot of responsibilities. They have to look after different aspects like management of manpower to optimisation of output. So, the right choice of training institution plays a key role in making a successful project manager. After all, the efficiency and success of

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Common problems faced by business analysts


A business analyst has to tackle a lot of responsibilities. Analysis of any sort needs sheer dipl aomacynd brain. So, if you are a business analyst, you need to manage your responsibilities with utmost adroitness. So, a perfect business analyst needs to be abreast with all the possible ways to manage the situations. There are various training institutions online and offline, which enables you to cope up with the situation. After all, a perfect corporate training is essential to be

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A Business Analyst in E-Commerce World

E-Commerce World

The e-commerce world E-commerce, though a relatively new concept in retail, has become a $220 billion industry. The e-commerce industry is growing at almost 20% per year, at this rate; it will outpace the traditional brick-and-mortar within next five year. The growth is being fuelled by the explosive growth smart phone users. The lower cost of setting up an online store, compared to physical stores have helped to create many startups in e-commerce domain which are no less competitive than

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Supply Chain leaders! It’s time to turn focus on business analytics

supply chain

It’s raining Data An explosion of information is the defining feature of today’s information technology-driven world. An enormous amount of data is generated from multiple sources, such as business interactions, transactions, social networking and sensors. Often in unstructured forms, the data continues to grow exponentially. This massive amount of data, referred to as big data, becomes useless if it is not sorted, analyzed, and used in businesses for decision-making and predicting trends for business growth. ‘Big Data’, ‘Real-time Data’, ‘Smart

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PMP certification – The Important certification program for project manager

certification program for project manager

PMP certification – The Important certification program for project manager Certification Program for Project Manager – The Project Management Professional or PMP is one of the most essential industry-recognized certification course for those individuals who wants to project managers, which is actually most position. The project led by PMP can be found in every country and difference with other certification courses, in this certification particular geography or domain are focused, that’s why the PMP is recognized worldwide. Being as a

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How a business analyst helps to grow the business?

business analyst helps to grow the business

How a business analyst helps to grow the business : How a business analyst helps to grow the business – Today all most all modern business organizations are using well-developed technique as well as the technology of business analytics, by which they can deal with huge amount of data. This is extremely effective to set up a logical benefit through getting perfect information. You can use this to your advantage and it will really become the most powerful business strategy.

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