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Software Testing Training :

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing Training : Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software error bugs. Software testing is more than just error detection.

Software testing is the process of validation & Verification of the software service or application or program by checking whether it’s meeting the requirements mentioned in the FSD (Functional Requirements Document), which is working as expected and what all is implemented as per the characteristics.


Why Software Testing Training?

The purpose is to check whether the software satisfies the specific requirements, needs and expectations of the customer who will be using the software. There can be many reasons for defects in the software. The developer can also make an error which may result in a defect or bug in the software source code. Any defect or bug in the software will produce wrong results causing a failure. When a bug or defect occurs in a software application, testing is done to find out the cause of defect and to remove the bug.

Software testing with strict test execution assures lower maintenance cost. There cannot be any failures because it can be very expensive in the later stages of the development.

For staying in business, having a software testing is imperative. A critical defect left undetected can cause losses in business. Every serious company will invest in a tester team and find experts who will be capable of detecting problems and flaws in a software product.


What is Quality?

Why is Testing Needed?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Initial (or) Requirements Phase

Analysis Phase

Design Phase

Coding Phase

Testing Phase

Delivery and maintenance phase

Testing Methods

Black Box Testing

White Box Testing

Grey Box Testing

Levels of Testing

Unit Level Testing

Component or Module Level Testing

Integration Level Testing

System Level Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Software Architecture (Environments)

Stand-Alone Environment (or) One-Tier Architecture

Client-Server Environment (or) Two-Tier Architecture

Web Environment (OR) Three-Tier Architecture

Distributed Environment (or) N-Tier Architecture

Software Process Development Models

Water Fall Model

Prototype Model

Evolutionary Model

Spiral Model

Fish Model


Agile Model (Scrum)

Types of Testing

Build Verification Testing/Build Acceptance Testing/Sanity Testing

Regression Testing

Re Testing

Alpha Testing

Beta Testing

Static Testing

Dynamic Testing


Ad hoc Testing

End to End Testing

Performance Testing

Load Testing

Stress Testing



Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Overview of STLC Phases

Requirement Traceability Matrix (RFT)

Contents of Test Plan & Test Strategy

Test case Design Techniques

Defect Life Cycle

Severity and Priority

Test Closure Activity

Test Summary Reports

Prerequisites :

Hands on operating computer, Windows OS basics and using MS-Office tools like MS-Excel and MS-Word

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Instructor Led Live Interactive Sessions.

Faculty: Experienced.

Weekend Session – Sat & Sun  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) – 5 Weeks. June 8, 2024.

Weekday Session – Mon – Thu 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (EST) – 4 Weeks.  June 24, 2024.


” I learned a lot from the Software Testing course. Ameet is an excellent teacher. He explained the concepts very well. “


Thank you Ameet. You are an excellent trainer. You gave me so much confidence in many ways.


I liked the overall experience of learning manual testing and Ameet’s teaching is completely satisfied as he organized the contents well and gave us most of his time in mastering us writing test cases in clear and understandable way.


Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate in Software Testing course. Ameet was very good and very patient trainer. He went above and beyond to make sure we understand the material, he uses a lot of examples in different ways to make sure we understand the materials. He truly is passionate on what he does and we appreciated him. I just wanted you to know this about him and not only let him know
Again, Thank you!!
Ruth Berry


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