I have taken IELTS training from Learntek. I am very happy for the guidance that i have received from Reethu. She has a unique way of pronouncing the words and I am great fan of her energy and startegies . She was very flexible and has a great patience .I am very much satisfied and I appreciate her efforts and dedication towards my training programme.


Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate in Software Testing course. Ameet was very good and very patient trainer. He went above and beyond to make sure we understand the material, he uses a lot of examples in different ways to make sure we understand the materials. He truly is passionate on what he does and we appreciated him. I just wanted you to know this about him and not only let him know
Again, Thank you!!


Ruth Berry
The AWS Course proved outstanding. Our instructor Ayushi comprehensively addressed all modules, and the hands-on, in-class labs truly set it apart. She ensured active participation and concentration from everyone in the discussions. Thank you.


I recently completed a Linux administration training course with LEARNTEK’S trainer Smita and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. The trainer demonstrated deep expertise, delivering complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner. The hands-on exercises were invaluable, solidifying my understanding of key Linux principles. Smita ‘s commitment to practical learning sets them apart, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their Linux administration skills.


Kranti was very patient and covered all the aspects of tableau and also helped to solve practical issues. We enjoyed the course. Also kranti shared all the work items for us to do practice. Good job.


My experience at Learntek Academy, especially under the guidance of faculty member Valan, was truly exceptional. The full-stack development course provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills that I will carry with me throughout my career. Faculty member Valan’s teaching style was engaging and insightful, making complex concepts easy to grasp. I am sincerely grateful to Learntek Academy for this enriching experience, and I highly recommend their courses to anyone looking to excel in the field of full-stack development. Thank you, Learntek Academy, for helping me achieve my learning goals.


POWER BI training was very good. Ambar is an excellent tutor and he explained the concepts very well. I am recommending Learntek to some of my friends who want to take online training.


I would like to appreciate you and your organization for picking such a talented resource for Cybersecurity Training. I am learning a lot from Magesh’s class and it’s very useful for our career.


Raj is pretty good trainer, has good knowledge on subject and answered all questions. Pace of the Python Programming course is good as well.


Thank you very much for explaining Python programming. I really liked the way you taught with many examples. As discussed, kindly share the remaining python topics with examples. I will recommend you and Learntek to my colleagues and friends.


Today was our last class on Manual Testing and Ameet was awesome. I am very happy with the classes.


Raman is very seasoned and well experienced; he is very through and detailed in the topics he covered during the session. I am looking forward to take couple of other courses with learntek.


Surya Prakash
I had completed Python Class by Monday this week. Raj taught us this course very well. He covered all the topics which were mentioned in the syllabus, and he is prompt in timings. He delivered each topic in detail and really enjoyed his lectures. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend this class.


Nitin is an excellent teacher. He presented theory first and showed how it works in practice. He is more methodical. To fit into vast amounts of info in 5 week-ends training, class is challenging. I suggest him to bring up more potential uses and examples, where world is going with this machine learning and AI to inspire students. In summary, Nitin presented course well and shared subject material, to us, in time. It is a good class.


I very much appreciated the excellent quality of the class and content delivery by the instructor! I loved it! It was exciting and fun. This class is a great way to learn Salesforce.


Raman is Amazing, he is thorough in covering all concepts and explains them in detail providing the background for each concept on how it will be used in real time situation. He is an amazing teacher.


I wanted to let you know that the Tableau Training went well. It laid the foundation for a deeper dive into Tableau. Please let Mr. Noble know that I am appreciative of his guidance.


I want to formally commend Noble for being excellent teacher, he made this Tableau course easy to understand for us. He has provided great course material and exercises which explains Noble’s dedication towards his students. I Thank Noble for teaching us this Tableau course and wish him all the best.


Noble is an excellent instructor. Tableau classes went on smooth and the knowledge/documents/material is very in depth.


Learntek has been a great learning platform for me to advance in Python language. The faculty is very good and are experts in their respective domains. It’s worth learning from Learntek.


The Python course was excellent. Raj is a great instructor.


Thank you so much for Excellent Software Testing training, I really learned a lot from the course. You are a wonderful coach. I gained a lot of confidence. Your methods helped me to develop interest in the subject and definitely I will be continuing my learning


I completed Kubernetes class today. I am pleased to let you know that it is one of my best classes I have ever attended. Raman had passion for teaching. He went an extra mile to teach basics in Docker as a foundation before he went on with Kubernets. I am very much impressed with his style of teaching: old school way write on blackboard while you explain concept before implementing each concept in live using AWS resources. I would recommend both Raman and Learntek for having such great teachers. Each recording is a treasure. I will take further classes both with Raman as well as with other instructors. My wish list is Block Chain a comprehensive course. I heard lot of interest from my fellow students.


Excellent course. Srikanth is really knowledgeable and is a great teacher. He went above and beyond trying to explain the Snowflake concepts/details and answering questions. Very interactive class. He was alerting us on what could be the Certificate questions to clear the Snowflake PRO Certification. Will enthusiastically recommend this course with Srikanth to anyone I know.


Over all AZURE training is very satisfied and the Trainer is full knowledge about the topic on what he is teaching.


I will give excellent review for Mohit my python teacher and this organization as well. Since taking this course with Mohit, I have gained so much confidence in python. Mohit is always available to answer my questions since I have completed the program and always explain the logic behind the program. I will definitely recommend Mohit to anyone that chooses Learntek python course.


The class was very fun and entertaining.It was in a way where it isn’t hard but you also learn a lot.I also liked the puzzles during class.


Had some good learning experience through the sessions conducted by Srinu and he was thorough professional and handled all queries raised during class and afterwards with ease and provided good real time examples


Noble is an excellent tutor. He has deep knowledge on the subject. He explains concepts well and patiently answers all questions.


I recently attended the Tableau training. I was fortunate to have a great instructor, Noble. Noble is very knowledgeable and has sound knowledge on the subject, he explains the concepts very well. I would definitely recommend him.


Jagadesh kumar
I would like to thank Shubham & Learntek for providing excellent training on AWS, just got an offer from Amazon for Sr. Cloud Support Engineer.


Attended Raman’s AWS class. He is great at teaching AWS class, every concept he taught so far, he is making sure students have basic concept understanding. If we lack any basic concept he takes great effort to teach them before going through the AWS service. This is above and beyond any teacher/trainer I have ever encountered in my 15 year of software experience.


Hi Nitin, Thank you very much. It was very good to have you as the instructor for my child. I liked the way you making sure every kid learned the concept at each step and especially building the interest with coding. All the home works to reiterate the concept they have learned in class were good. It reminded me of my college days “C programming” learning.


Thanks so much for the class. I enjoyed every bit of it. Faculty member Shilpa was so kind and supportive. She is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. She helped me realize my potentials. Thanks so much.


Raman sir is well experienced and professional lecturer. He taught us AWS course very well and covered all the theory topics with extended lab sessions. we are thankful and grateful for making us more comfortable after your AWS lecture.


Mr. Abhay the guy who taught us Data Science with Python did an excellent training. All the information related to Data science was in one place and helped me understand better. Exposure to PyCharm and Kaggle notebooks is a big plus. I would love to recommend Learntek data science course to my friends. Convey my wishes to him.


Learntek training for Python programming was very good,.I really liked the way Mohit has put forward the training sessions, more of practical real time programming and very helpful for the beginners to get started with,Out of several courses I have attended from Learntek, like AWS, Devops, this was the best, very systematic, prompt for all the sessions, the way he explained it was like a virtual whiteboard session, very well managed. Thank you


I attended Business Analyst and Software courses from Learntek. Both are Excellent faculty.


Sanjeev Rao, Sir is well qualified and well professional lecturer. He has lot of patience and he answered all levels of questions from simple to complex.He will run the class based on knowledge level of students and he will encourage all students to involve in his lecture. he spent more time on some topics which are very tough to make understand the topics clearly. I thought teaching is skill, but he proved that it is not only skill and it’s an art. Thank you Sanjeev Sir and you are awesome and I enjoyed your class. Keep it up.


We are done with Data Science class. Abhay taught the course well.


Vamsi Akella
Nitin, Thank you for all your help in teaching and training our brains with Machine Learning. Your teaching aid and methodology used was excellent such as derivations and definitions first and implementation next, navigated students like me not loosing focus and developed interest and created thirst for continued learning. Your deep knowledge in deep learning, you are like a machine in Machine Learning and naturally talented in Natural Language Processing are the observations and evidences from me during the training.


Nitin is an excellent speaker and he has deep knowledge on Machine Learning and other subsidiaries.


I thoroughly enjoyed the BA class. I feel like the instructor presented current and relevant knowledge. I’m looking forward to taking other courses.


You are an excellent trainer. you organised the sessions very well. The best part of the training is that new concepts are covered as part of the outcomes/result of the previous scenario/topic which makes us remember the concepts very well. Overall, am very much satisfied with the SQL Server sessions and happy to be the part of your class. I strongly can recommend you to others as a best trainer.Thank you so much.


Thank you for the wonderful training that you have provided us on SQL Server. I have learnt many topics and the way you covered the complete course content is really good. And the classes and examples very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for your support.


I am not from computer background, Mr. Rajendra gives step by step guidance through installation and good real time examples. Easy to understand. The practice exercises are very good for learning the real time scenarios. Best place to learn T-SQL for beginners from Rajendra Trainer.Thanks for you time


Training was really good! Faculty member Shubham is knowledgeable in AWS.


Data Science Course was very well structured and is taught by good instructor.


I have successfully completed the Machine Learning using Python course. Nitin (Course Instructor) has sound knowledge and has provided structured and detailed content. He has explained the difficult concepts in a very simplified way with suitable case studies, and examples.I highly recommend this course to others.Thank you – Nitin and Anand .


Nitin was very good when it comes to technical knowledge, given his background as a lecturer. I like Nitin’s ML skills – always willing to provide more details. Thanks!


I took Certified Scrum Master course and thoroughly enjoyed the classes taught by Srikanth.


I had a really good experience learning JavaScript from Arkaprava. He has really good communication skills in English and was knowledgeable in his subject. He answered the questions I had effectively.He has a good and friendly vibe.I would highly recommend him as a JavaScript tutor.


I attend AWS class. Very detailed explanation, good.


I am completely satisfied with the AWS course provided by LEARNTEK. Raman, the tutor of this course was excellent providing detailed information on each and every service related to AWS along with the complete labs during each and every class. He has complete knowledge (in and out) with respect to AWS Cloud technology and I would definitely recommend LEARNTEK if you are looking for some training in AWS.


I had wonderful Python classes with Mohit. I look forward for other classes in June.


Attended Selenium Course. Faculty member Mani is really knowledgeable


Attended Salesforce training. Best class I have attended so far.


Attended IELTS training. Trainers are very motivating and provide enough material to get trained on the English needed for writing part of the test.


I attended Business Analyst training.The training is very effective and detailed. Lots of hands-on examples are given. The timing was not a problem for me.


” I attended PMP training. Faculty member did a great job with the material and she appears to be very experienced in provided this training. I would like Thank her for superb job in answering our questions and going through the material in a methodical way.”


” I attended Python Programming course. Faculty member has lot of patience in explaining the problems, which is very important to as a good faculty. Keep up the good work!!! “


Subba Reddy
” Have completed my Training for my PMP.The faculty member is a very good trainer,knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her for the person planning for the PMP.Thanks, faculty member once again for all the help you provided during our training, videos and Notes.I enjoyed every session of yours and Sure will recommend to family and friends.”


” I attended C# training, the tutor was very professional and knowledgeable thanks for all the help . “


Chandana Priya
” I attended Business Analyst course. It has been a great experience from day one to learn and interact with new topics. Instructor has been very informative and gone a slow pace making sure I understand each aspect of the topic. Thank you to learntek and Ashwini for giving me this opportunity to move on with my new Career. “


” I attended the PMP Class. I am very happy with the way faculty member presented the topics, Faculty member is very professional and prompt. Thanks.”


” Attended Business Analyst training.The class was good and the faculty was excellent.She knew what she was teaching.”


” Attended Python Programming course. Mohit was very patient and covered the topics very well. “


” I attend Business Analyst training. It was great experience. Ashwini’s explanation was excellent I could learn many things.Thanks”


” Attend Python Programming. Basics were well covered, Case Studies were good. Trainer was very helpful and communicated well.”


” I took Data Science with Python course from Learntek .Thank you Learntek and thanks to my instructor Abhay. This Data Science course provided excellent coverage of the topics within limited time bound, without ignoring any important data science concepts.I loved the way instructor explained each and every small concept in detail. “


” Thank you for the Data science with Python class.That was really great. “




” Excellent!, I already recommended my friends also about this training, thanks for everything! “


” AWS training by Krishna is good. He has good knowledge on AWS. “


” Attended MSBI course with Learntek. Faculty member Sreekanth is excellent, and he has delivered what we have expected of him. He is awesome “


” MSBI Great course. SSIS and SSRS are very good. “


” Scrum Master Certificate course was presented in an enthusiastic way. Found course very interesting. Deb was very honest in his presentation – made it real by sharing his personal background with the approach. Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course. I will take away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply. “


” Mohit has very good knowledge on Python and he was able to show the realtime examples and explain in detail. He is very punctual in timing. He shared all the programs he go through during the training, which is very helpful to refer and practice. “


” Thank you Mohit. It was really helpful for me by taking Python Course.”


“It was informative to some Python knowledge and some practical hands on, Mohit is very punctual and on time to complete the course with no deviations. “


” Thanks a lot. Course was very helpful and faculty member is very good, technically very sound and dedicated. “


Azmath Shaik
“Scrum Master training: Deb was pretty patient and knowledgeable. Helped me understand the basics and real time examples “


” Learntek training classes are good, Classes start on time and they are on schedule. Amit who reached testing class was very good, he has lot of patience and answers all questions and he gives good examples to understand the subject. They respond to phone calls and emails promptly. I highly recommend Learntek for the quality of service they give. “


” I learned a lot from the Software Testing course. Ameet is an excellent teacher. He explained the concepts very well. “


” Kranthi is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable, sincere and honest instructor.He definitely did his job very good. “


Thank you Ameet. You are an excellent trainer. You gave me so much confidence in many ways.



Ameet sir

In the first place from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you

For teaching and guiding us from past one month,your teaching is so

Excellent ,you are as clear as a crystal with your teaching,I had never come

Across a teacher who is like you,it’s pleasure to be your student,will be

missing your class .l have so much to say but ,have no words except ending


Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Mahesh Varah Guru Shakshat Para Brahma Tasmai Shri Guruve namaha�de4f�dffb�de4f�dffb�de4f�dffb�de4f�dffb

Thank you so much,will never forget your teachings and suggestions!!!!!



“Anand and Saurav, I would like to thank both of you for offering Business Analyst online course.

I had a very good experience, this course gave me a very good insight about BA.

I would definitely recommend others.

Thanks once again. ”


“Kranthi is a good tutor with having high level of skill in tableau.”


Thanks for the AWS course. The instructor was really knowledgeable.


Attended Big Data & Hadoop. I enjoyed the whole course.



I really enjoyed the Salesforce classes, the classes helped me pass my Admin Cert, I would give 5 star rating for Priya and the classes..




I got my IELTS result and I got a overall score of 7 band out of 9.

Thanks to Learntek for helping me in getting trained.Thanks to Reetu for guiding me and teaching me good techniques, even 2 days before the test she made up some time to have an extra help session. That was so helpful.



I am coming from completely non-IT background . Your classes creates a lot of interest . Very clearly you try to make us understand on each of the topic. Speed wise you are good but as I said that I am coming from completely non-IT background so for me It takes time to understand.

Each of your exercise help us to understand the topics .I sincerely appreciate your efforts and time for us.



I’m completely satisfied with PMP training.



Thanks for arranging this AWS session. Ratnakar is a wonderful instructor with lot of passion and patience, shares every detail of the topic.



I have successfully completed the Big Data & Hadoop course. It went smoothly. Faculty member Shrikant is an outstanding/wonderful tutor with lots of command on Subject. I would give five out of five. Convey my greetings to him. Thanks Anand and will be in touch with you if I want to enroll in any other course.



Thank you, Anand, for this wonderful experience. I’m extremely happy that I choose to go thru my PMI Certification readiness thru LEARNTEK. I thought I will never be an online class person, but this has certainly changed my mind. But then it is the faculty and the institute who facilitates these courses are the one who makes us successful. Hence our faculty Rajesh was excellent and accommodating to our concerns and quality instructions. I for the reason as a student do however learn from Rajesh but character and caring are there. Rajesh always encourages participation, take responsibility in and attend to our needs. After this class, I’m a lot more confident that I will be certified PMP by August. For that I Thank You and Rajesh and your Establishment.



The training was good. Have to appreciate shrikanth for his prompt replies when we have issues. Learned good stuff.



Thank you so much for Learntek which offers excellent courses online. Many students are getting benefited from that. I had an excellent time learning with Learntek. Ameet is a great trainer. He explained Software testing class materials very well and made everything very easy to understand. It has been a great experience for me. Ameet gets 10/10 from me.


“I will be starting new project on tableau from next month. Mostly it’s analyst. Yep this training helps me a lot.”



I liked the overall experience of learning manual testing and Ameet’s teaching is completely satisfied as he organized the contents well and gave us most of his time in mastering us writing test cases in clear and understandable way.



Thank you very much for arranging a good trainer for Scala & Spark. I felt very good and satisfied with the training. Trainer has a good knowledge over the subject. He explained with a good set of examples for the coding lectures.



My experience through Learntek on going with the courseware of PMP was exciting. Om was very detailed, patience and through in all the processes of the project management. He took basic day-to day life examples and explained all the processes very well. I’m very happy that I took the class and was part of Om class session.

Thank you so much…!


Though I’m not from tech background. Overall training was very helpful I feel confident in preparing for the test based on the training. Om Prakash did great job with the training.


I had a good experience with Ameet in learning Software Testing and QA. He is very friendly and makes it easy to understand with good examples.


Thanks for your PMP training. Very useful.


Selenium training has been completed successfully. I am very happy with all training sessions. Let me take this opportunity to thank Learntek and Mani also. Faculty is very good…….


I have taken Core Java and Selenium classes from Learntek. Both the instructors, Krishna (Core Java) and Mani(Selenium) have good experience in their respective fields and they teach very well. Whatever doubt you have, they try to clarify it with great patience. I enjoyed both their classes.


I really liked the Selenium course and was very informative. Mani is very patient in answering the questions and explaining topics.


My Software Testing training with Ameet has been great , he has been very patient throughout , listens to all queries and provides respectful responses . Use to start classes early to cover questions and very interactive , Would definitely recommend training under him for anyone with none or little software background.



It is really a good learning from you the “Hadoop” sessions. I really enjoyed and learned a lot with my doubts. Still I need to practice, which I will continue. Once again ‘Thank you very much your sessions’ and the support which you have given me in offline couple of times till date.


I would like to say Mani is highly knowledgeable Selenium tutor. He is emphasis on basics also make sure everyone in class get good practice (hands on) on every topic. He will try to explain real time problems on each topic with multiple solutions is very impressive and interview preparation not many tutor do this. I highly recommend him as a Selenium tutor. You rock Mani!!!



I finished my selenium training yesterday and I am very happy with all the sessions.

Mani was very helpful and really appreciate it. Finally, I am satisfied with the course.


As mentioned, Rajesh was awesome, great sessions, I can confidently say I completed the training in PMP and looking forward to the next steps. Thanks for arranging, keep up the great work, it is a service to people like us. able to train in what we need conveniently from our homes.


Just thought of letting you guys know that Bhavan had done an awesome job in explaining each and every topic in Hadoop Administration Training.


The training was good. Hadoop needs thorough understanding of different topics. Srikanth has sound knowledge in the topics covered. But he was cooperative and explained with examples………..


Thanks Rajesh. One of the best classes I attended so far.


It has been a pleasure to take part in the training for PMP certification at Learntek. Rajesh has been a very good teacher and he is very thorough in covering all the topics.


The training was good. Hadoop needs thorough understanding of different topics. Srikanth has sound knowledge in the topics covered. But he was cooperative and explained with examples………..


I have received excellent testing training from Learntek. The instructor took extra effort to make sure everyone understood the fundamentals, concepts and tools. This training was extremely informative and useful. I would recommend this training to my friends and others.”…….


Thank you for the training class. It is very good. Rakesh (instructor) is very knowledgeable. I will keep Learntek in mind for any future training/classes…………


My overall experience is good… Thank you…..


Big Data & Hadoop Programming training was good and Shrikanth trained us in a very good manner.


I really liked the Selenium course and was very informative. Mani is very patient in answering the questions and explaining topics.


Rajesh has provided excellent PMP training. He was cordial, helpful, answered all questions, guided how to successfully getting certified……




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