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Learntek is a leading global e-learning provider aiming to bridge the gap between education and distance by offering well-crafted courses across the paradigm – IT, Business Management, Digital Marketing and Soft skills. With offices located in India and the US, our team of subject matter experts offers immersive and engaging online teaching to strengthen your core concepts and help implement them in the practical world. Be it designing, developing and implementing training programs, corporate training or placements, we have it all covered.


We are dedicated at providing online training to students, corporate employees and business professionals, which will help them keep up with the fast-paced changes in the industry.


The deeper penetration of Internet combined with advancements in technology has led to a world that is changing at an accelerated pace. There is a need for constant learning and upgrading of skills. This means not just students, but IT and business professionals need to stay updated with the changing times. Our virtual classrooms offer courses that are updated by industry veterans to help fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals. Simplifying it further for professionals, you can learn right from the comfort of your couch, and choose weekdays or weekends depending upon your convenience. From class recordings to live online sessions, our concise and clear courses are designed by highly-qualified industry experts.


We have precisely designed training programs in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Testing, DevOps, Business Management, Digital Marketing, Databases & BI tools, Web Development, Soft Skills, Training for Juniors, GRE, IELTS and we also offer training in programming languages like Python, SQL, Java, etc. We also have a lineup of popular courses keeping in view the industry needs such as Azure training, Amazon Web services, Software testing, UI development, Hadoop, IOT and Data science.


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