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kubernetes Training: Overview

kubernetes Training: This course covers kubernetes Training, which is the dominant container orchestrator. We will look at the history and evolution of Kubernetes and learn about different resources such as Pods, Services, Deployments, etc. This course also covers how to deploy, update, maintain microservices based applications on Kubernetes using various Kubernetes constructs. The course also discusses access methods, networking, logging and monitoring, and many more advanced topics. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the concepts discussed.

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Job Oppurtunities
Basic Cluster Architecture

Chapter 2: Basics of Kubernetes

Cluster Architecture in Depth

Chapter 3: Installation and Configuration

•Installation of Kubernetes in workstation
•Installation of AKS (Azure Kubernetes)

Chapter 4: YamL structure

Runt through the YAML file structure

Chaprter 5: Namespaces

•What is Namespace ?
•When to use Name spaces
•Working With Name Spaces
•What is context
•How to work with Context

Chapter 6: Labels and selectos

•What are Labels
•Working with Labels
•What are selectors
•Working with Selectors

Chapter 7: Node Selectors

Chapter 8: Jobs and Cron Jobs in Kubernetes

Chapter 9: Services

• Cluster IP
• NodePort
• Load Balancer

Chapter 10: Replica sets and Replicat Controller

• What is replicate set and Replica Controller
• How to create them
• How to achieve the pod reliability
• How to scale the pods on fly

Chapter 11: Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims

• What is storage Class
• How to define a Storage class
• What is Persistent Volume
• What is Persistent Volume claim
• How to create create Persistent Volume claim
• How to attach PVC to a pod
• How to create NFS PV/PVC

Chapter 12: Demon sets

• What is Demon
• How to configure Demon set

Chapter 13: Configmaps

• What is Config map
• How to create Config map
• How to map values to pods

Chapter 14: Secrets

• What is secrets
• How to create secret
• How to encrypt the snsitive data and pass them to pod while creation

Chapter 15: RBACS

• What is Role
• What is Role binding
• How to configure Role bindings for users
• What is Cluster role
• What is Cluster Role Binding
• How to configure the cluste Role bindings for users

Chapter 16: Deployments and Strategy

• What is Deployment
• How to create deployments
• What are the various strategies in Deployment

Chapter 17: KubeConfig

• How to manage Multiple Clusters using kubeconfig

Chapter 18: Helm Repository and helm Charts

• What is Helm Chart how to run Helm charts
• How to Navigate ito Helm Chart
• How to remove helm charts
• How to upgrade the helm charts

Chapter 19: Kuberenets in Azure

Chapter 20: Creating Aks cluster from command line

Pre-requisites :

Good understand of Docker & the cli is required. Check the Docker course content

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Online Live Interactive Session.

Faculty: Experienced.

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I completed Kubernetes class today. I am pleased to let you know that it is one of my best classes I have ever attended. Raman had passion for teaching. He went an extra mile to teach basics in Docker as a foundation before he went on with Kubernetes. I am very much impressed with his style of teaching: old school way write on blackboard while you explain concept before implementing each concept in live using AWS resources. I would recommend both Raman and Learntek for having such great teachers. Each recording is a treasure. I will take further classes both with Raman as well as with other instructors. My wish list is Block Chain a comprehensive course. I heard lot of interest from my fellow students.


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