SharePoint Development



SharePoint Development – Server Object Model

SharePoint Development – Site Architecture and Server Object Model

SPWebApplication, SPSite, SPWeb, SPList and more…

Working with List

Working with Document Libraries

Sample Programs to understand the Object Model

CAML and LINQ Queries

Querying Joined Lists using LINQ CAML Overview

Querying Lists using CAML

Querying Joined Lists using CAML

LINQ to SharePoint Overview

Using SPMetal tool

Querying Lists using LINQ

Querying Based on Lookup Column


SharePoint Root Directory

Features Overview

Features Scope

Create a new feature and Deploying Features using VS2012

Feature Events

Manage SharePoint Solution (WSP) using PowerShell Comman

CAML – Creating List, Site Columns, Custom Actions and Site Definition

Creating Site Columns

Creating Content Type.

Creating SharePoint List Definition with List Instance.

Modify the User Interface Using Custom Actions.

Creating Site Definition

Types of Pages in SharePoint 2013

Site Pages.

Application Pages.

Master Pages.

SharePoint Development – Event Receivers

Event Handlers – Before events and After Events.

Event receiver base classes.

Registering Event Handlers

Example of Before Events

Programming After Events

Working with Web Parts

SharePoint Development – Content Rollup



Media and Content


Social Collaboration

Building a Simple Web Part

Persisting Properties

Editing Properties in Editor WebPart

Developing Custom Editor WebPart

Composite Web Part

Visual Web Part

Web Part Communication.

Sandboxed Solutions

What is Sandboxed Solution.

Comparing Farm Solution with Sandbox Solutions.

Benefits of using sandboxed solutions.

To enable sandboxed solutions by using Central Administration.

Create a Sandboxed Solution Project with a web part.

Build and Deploy the Sandboxed Solution.

Using Windows PowerShell for Administration Sandboxed Solutions.

Business Connectivity Service

Creating a BDC Project in VS.NET

Working with Entities and Methods

Type Descriptor

Using Data in External List

Granting Permissions to the BDC List

SharePoint Development – Workflow

SharePoint Development – What is Workflow

Built-In SharePoint 2010 Workflows

Workflow Manager

Building Custom Workflow using Visio 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013

Site Workflow

Publishing and Deploying Workflow

Building Custom Workflow using Visual Studio – 2013

Client Object Model

How Client Object Model Works

Managed Client Object Model Design and Understanding

Understanding Load and Execute Query methods of Client Context

Adding List and List Items

Querying List Data using CAML

Performing CRUD Operations over List

Querying Large Lists

JavaScript Client Object Model.


Performing Async Operations using SP.ClientContext object

Fetching Lists Properties

CRUD over List

Apps for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Development – Overview

Apps Hosting Options

Configure an environment for apps for SharePoint

Manage the App Catalog in SharePoint 2013

Deploying SharePoint Hosted App using VS 2012

Developing Custom Action

Developing Client WebPart


SharePoint Development – InfoPath

About InfoPath

Creating SharePoint list and Publishing in SharePoint site

Creating Form and Publishing to SharePoint site

Deploy Form Templates That Contain Form Code That Requires Full Trust

Writing Custom Code in InfoPath Form

Walkthrough to Delete SharePoint list items from InfoPath form

Convert Word Forms to InfoPath

Convert Excel Documents to InfoPath

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