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RPA Robotic Process Automation Training

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What is RPA?

The process of automating business operations with the help of robots to reduce human intervention is said to be Robotic Process Automation(RPA).

To Elaborate :

Robotic are entities which mimic human actions are called Robots.

A process is a sequence of steps which lead to meaningful activity.

Automation is any process which is done by a robot without human intervention.

So, when we summarize all these terms together, then mimicking human actions to perform a sequence of steps, leading to a meaningful activity, without any human intervention is also known as Robotic Process Automation.

How RPA Works?

Well, let me tell you that RPA does not replace humans with actual robots.

But, there are softwares available in the market which let you configure automation workflows to automate your business operations.

How To Get Started With RPA?

You need to follow the below steps, to get started with RPA:

Step 1: Gain extensive knowledge about the history behind RPA. That is, learn all about Traditional Automation.

Step 2: Learn about RPA and the various Applications of RPA.

Step 3: Choose the process that you wish to automate, and retrospect about the process dependencies.

This is a way to make sure that your business doesn’t suffer loss while you are busy automating the task.

Step 4: Gain extensive hands-on experience in RPA Tools, such as UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

What are the application that are available for RPA? Which one to choose?

Leaders in the RPA market are UiPath, Blue Prism, and Automation Anywhere.

These tools are the most widely used tools in the industry for various purposes.

These tools have their own advantages and drawbacks.

The choice of the tool to learn RPA is UiPath.

Let us take a glance of what I will be teaching in this course of RPA through UiPath :

UiPath platform Installation

UiPath Orientation

Structure (Flowchart vs. Sequence)

Control Flow (Decisions, Loops, Switches)

Error Handling with Try/Catch

Automating Excel interactions

Automating Email

Automating mainframe

Decomposing a process into reusable sub-components

Debugging Skills

What you will be learning by the End Of The Course :

Install UiPath Studio on WINDOWS (there is no Mac version)

Install packages for automating specific targets

Understand the UI & tool windows

Understand the most important RPA activity types

Understand how to add logic to software robots

Use “exception handling” to gracefully handle errors

Schedule robot execution using Orchestrator

Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting and keeping a white collar job in the near future

Test automation engineers who want to make a larger impact and increase earning potential

Business leaders who want to automate operations

Anyone wanting to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency by automating common business tasks.

Duration & Timings : 

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Instructor Led Live Interactive Sessions.

Faculty: Experienced.

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