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MSBI Training



Module 1

Introduction to MSBI

What is MS-BI

BI/DWH life cycle

ETL and OLAP Tools

Features of MS-BI


Introduction to SSIS



SSIS installation

SSIS Architecture

SSIS Wizard

Introduction to Control Flow

Control Flow Overview

Precedence Constraints

The Execute SQL Task

The Bulk Insert Task

The File System Task

The FTP Task

The Send Mail Task

Bulk Insert Task

Data Flow Task

Execute DTS 2000 Package Task

Execute Package Task

Execute Process Task

Web Service Task

XML Task

Advanced Control Flow

For Loop Container

For Each Loop Container

Sequence Container

Module 2

Introduction to Data Flow

Data Flow Overview

Data Flow Sources

Data Flow Destinations

Data Flow Transformations

Data Viewers

Data Flow Sources

Excel Source

Flat File Source

OLE DB Source

XML Source

Data Flow Transformation

Aggregate Transformation

Conditional Split Transformation

Derived Column Transformation

Data Conversion Transformation

Multicast Transformation

OLE DB Command Transformation

Row Count Transformation

Sort Transformation

Union All Transformation

Lookup Transformation

Merge Transformation

Merge Join Transformation

Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation

Other Data Flow Transformation

Audit Transformation

Character Map Transformation

Copy Column Transformation

Percentage Sampling Transformation

Pivot Transformation

Export Transformation

Import Transformation

Unpivot Transformation

Data Flow Destinations

Data Reader Destination

Excel Destination

Flat File Destination

OLE DB Destination

Other SSIS Components

Variables and Expressions

Errors and Debugging SSIS

Data viewers


Manually Executing SSIS Package

Scheduling SSIS Package

Importing and Exporting Packages

Monitoring and Optimizing Packages

Module 3

OLAP Modeling

Modeling source schemas—stars and snowflakes

Understanding dimensional modeling— Dimensions (Type 1, 2, or 3) or rapidly changing

Understanding fact (measures) and cube modeling

Intermediate SSAS

Creating KPIs

Creating Perspectives

Creating Translations

Creating Actions

Advanced SSAS

Working with Multiple Fact Tables

Using Advanced Dimension Types

Working with Changing Dimensions

Using the Business Intelligence Wizard

Cube Storage and Aggregation

Basic Storage: MOLAP

Customized Aggregations

Advanced Storage: MOLAP, HOLAP, or ROLAP

Implementing Proactive Caching

Using Partitions: Relational or SSAS

Cube and Dimensions Processing Options

Beginning MDX

Understanding MDX

About Members, Tuples, and Sets

Common MDX Functions Explained

New or Updated MDX Functions or Keyword

Intermediate MDX

Understanding the Calculations Sub tab

Adding Calculated Members

Adding MDX Scripts

Adding Named Sets

Module 4

Introduction to SSRS

Reporting Services Architecture

Reporting Services Terminology

Creating Reports

Deconstructing Reporting Services

Shared Data Sources

Creating Reports from Scratch

Calculation and Formatting

Creating Expressions

Using the Global Collection

Grouping and Sorting

Creating Groups and Calculating Totals and Percentages

Interactive Sorting, Creating Drill-Down Reports

Module 5

Report Parameters

Creating Report Parameters

Creating Drop-Down Parameters

Multi-Valued Parameters

Debugging Parameter Issues

Creating Matrix Reports and Charts

Creating a Basic Matrix Report

Matrix Subtotals

Creating a Basic Chart

Exploring the Charting Possibilities

Reporting Services Security

Two Parts to Reporting Services Security

Securing Access to Reports

Data Source Security

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 40 Hours.

Training Type: Instructor Led Live Interactive Sessions.

Faculty: Experienced.

Access to Class Recordings

Weekend Session – Sat & Sun 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) – 7 Weeks. December 4, 2021.


” Attended MSBI course with Learntek. Faculty member Sreekanth is excellent, and he has delivered what we have expected of him. He is awesome “


” MSBI Great course. SSIS and SSRS are very good. “


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