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MongoDB Training

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MongoDB Training

What is MangoDB?

MongoDB Training : MongoDB is an open source, cross-platform database that uses document oriented data model that provides, high performance, high availability, and easy scalability of data storage and data access. MongoDB uses documents(set of key value pairs with dynamic schema) and collections(group of documents) to store data instead of using tables and rows.

Why MangoDB

  • To store and process Big Data.
  • To store and process text documents.
  • To store and process huge amount of schema less data.
  • To store and process data with index on every attribute.
  • To provide replication and high availability of stored data.
  • To maintain fast in-place updates on stored data.
  • To write dynamic queries on documents using a document-based query language that’s nearly as powerful as SQL.
  • For faster access of data by storing the working set in internal memory.
  • For high performance data access using less joins.
  • MangoDB does not need Conversion/mapping of application objects to database objects.

The following topics will be covered in our Mongo DB Online Training:

MongoDB Training : Introduction to NoSQL, MongoDB, Installation

What is Data?

What is Information?

What is Flat File?

What is Relational Database?

Challenges with Flat Files/RDBMS

Evolution of Databases

What is NoSQL Database

Types of NoSQL Database

Why we need NoSQL data?

What is MONGODB?


JSON Data Types

JSON Example

MONGODB Installation

MongoDB Components/Modules

NoSQL Introduction, Requirement of NOSQL



ACID property

CAP Theorem

Base property

Introduction to JSON/ BSON

JSON Data types

Sample JSON Documents

Database collection & document

MongoDB Use cases

CRUD Operations

MongoDB Server

MongoDB Shell

Starting and stopping MongoDB servers

MongoDB CRUD Introduction

INSERT Command

FIND Command

REMOVE Command

DROP Command

SAVE Command

Pretty method

Limit and Skip

CRUD Examples

MongoDB CRUD Tutorials

MongoDB CRUD Reference

Hands on with CRUD Operations

Schema Design and Data Modeling, Backup strategies, Monitoring

Data Modeling in MongoDB

RDBMS vs. Data models

Data Modeling tools

Data modeling example & patterns

Model TREE structure

Operational strategies

Backup strategies


Monitoring Commands

Monitoring of performance issues

Run time configuration

Export & import of data

Relationship between Document

Model Specific Application Contexts

Data Model Reference

Hands on with MongoDB Data Modeling


Data Management

Introduction to replica

Election of new primary

Replica set

Type of Replica

Hidden Replica

Arbiter Replica


Concepts around Replication

Setting up replicated cluster

Setting up Sharded Cluster

Sharding Database, Collections

Hands on Exercise

Indexing and Aggregation Framework

Introduction to Indexes

Concepts around Indexes

Type of Indexes

Index Property

Introduction to Aggregation

Type of Aggregation

Use cases of Aggregation

Hands on Exercise

MongoDB Security

Security Risks to Databases

MongoDB Security Approach

MongoDB Security Concept

Access Control

MongoDB Client Tool

Integration of MongoDB shell with Robomongo

All basic CRUD Operations

MongoDB integration with JAVA

Integration of MongoDB with Java

All Basic CRUD Operations in Eclipse

Miscellaneous Topics

Additional Concept (GridFS mongo files)

Prerequisites : JAVA Script  knowledge helpful.

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Online Live Interactive Session.

Faculty: Experienced.

Access to Class Recordings.

Weekday Session – Mon – Thu  ( 5 Days /Week) – 8:30 PM -10:30 PM (EST) – 4 Weeks. July 23, 2018.


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