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SQL Server Training



Introduction to SQL Server 

Advantages and Drawbacks of SQL Server Compared to Oracle and DB2

Connecting to Server

a)Server Type
b)Server Name

Authentication Modes

a)SQL Server Authentication Mode
b)Windows Authentication Mode
c)Login and Password

SQL Server Management Studio and Tools in Management Studio

a)Object Explorer
b)Object Explorer Details
c)Query Editor


Database Models

Overview of SQL Server Management Studio and Transact-SQL language

Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database

Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries (sum, min, max, avg, etc.)

Insert, update, and delete data

Retrieve data from tables



Working with Data Types

Procedure and Functions

Understand the different Views

Working with Triggers

Design a database

Maintain databases, tables, and sequences with SQL statements

Create and manage views

Ensure the integrity of multiple, related database updates by using transactions

Retrieve data using cursors

Manage binary data using BLOBs

Introduction To DBMS

File Management System and Its Drawbacks

Database Management System (DBMS) and Data Models

a)Physical Data Models

b)Logical Data Models

Conceptual Data Model

a)Entity – Relationship (E-R) Model

TSQL (Transact Structured Query Language)

Introduction To TSQL


Types of TSQL Commands

a) Data Definition Language (DDL)
b) Data Manipulation Language (DML)
c) Data Query Language (DQL)
d) Data Control Language (DCL)
e) Transaction Control Language (TCL)


a) Creating Database

b) Altering Database

c) Deleting Database

d) Constrains

a)  Creating Table
b) Altering Table
c)  Deleting Table

Data Manipulation Language

Data Query Language (DQL)

Built in Functions

Top n Clause
• Set Operators
• Joins
• Sub Queries
• Indexes
• Security
• Views
• Transaction Management
• TSQL Programming
• Cursors

CLR Integration

Working with XML Data Type

Backup and Restore of Database

Attach and Detach of Database




Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Online Live Interactive Session.

Faculty: Experienced.

Weekend Session – Sat & Sun  9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) – 5 Weekends . December 4, 2021.

Weekday Session – Mon – Thu 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (EST) – 4 Weeks. December 27, 2021.

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Thank you for the wonderful training that you have provided us on SQL Server. I have learnt many topics and the way you covered the complete course content is really good. And the classes and examples very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for your support.


You are an excellent trainer. you organised the sessions very well. The best part of the training is that new concepts are covered as part of the outcomes/result of the previous scenario/topic which makes us remember the concepts very well. Overall, am very much satisfied with the SQL Server sessions and happy to be the part of your class. I strongly can recommend you to others as a best trainer. Thank you so much.


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