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Embedded Systems Course

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Embedded Systems Course:

What is embedded System?

Embedded systems are combinations of hardware and software designed for specific functions within a system.

Difference between System and Embedded System.

Programing Language:


1.Fundamentals of C

2.Datatypes and Constants

3.Simple & Formatted I/O

4.Memory Usage

5.Operators & Expressions

6.Flow Control




10.Bit Operators


“Embedded C”:

1.What is embedded C?

2.Difference between C and embedded C?

8051 Microcontroller:

1.What is processor?

2.What is controller?

3.Difference between processor and controller.


5.8051 architecture

6.Overview of SFR’s and memory Organization

7.On chip Peripheral’s

8.I/O programing


10.LED interface

11.Switch interface

12.Seven Segment interface

13.LCD 16X2 programing (4-bit and 8 bit programing)

14.Keypad 4X3 interface.

15.DC motor and Stepper motor interface

16.Communication Protocols

a) UART – RS232

b) I2C

c) SPI

ARM 7 (LPC2148 Programming):

1.ARM7 architecture

2.Register sets overview and functionalities

3.Difference between 8- bit and 32-bit controllers and its programming

4.On chip system peripheral’s

5.All interface programs like LED, DC motor, Temperature, proximity sensors, LCD 16X2, etc.

* Any module of student choice ( GSM, Zigbee, GPS, RF, RFID, Fingerprint, Bluetooth) will be explained.

* Programming tool used: Keil U vision.

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Training Type: Online Live Interactive Session.

Faculty: Experienced.

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