Advantages of LEARNTEK Online Courses

Advantages of LEARNTEK Online Courses : is an online technology platform that offers a wide range of training and development courses for students, working professionals and corporates. We cover topics on business, internet and technology tools, the knowledge of which has become indispensable in the modern world. Every professional or student is expected these days to have basic to advanced knowledge of these subjects to be able to perform better at university or at work. LEARNTEK equips you with the relevant skills in an easy to understand and ready to access format, through which you can learn easily and fast.

Online Courses Offered:

The course categories covered are Big Data Analytics, Cloud Technology, DevOps, Testing Tools, Business Management, Programming Languages, Web Development and Soft Skills. There are a variety of course to choose from as per one’s requirement. The list is comprehensive and continuously updated.

Online Courses Curriculum Design:

The courses are designed by a team of experts both from the industry and academia. We have business people, professors, lecturers, subject matter experts, foreign faculty and people from diverse backgrounds who are carefully chosen after detailed evaluation of their skill set. This elite team puts together the various course material that are gleaned from their vast experience in their respective fields.

Once the experts formulate and write out the course content, we have a team of leaning experts who design and arrange the content in such a way to suit the unique requirements of the end user. it is important to keep in mind the persona of these learners based on their educational background, basic skill set, language proficiency, tech savviness etc. Based on this, the curriculum is curated for text format, audio/visual aids, animations, voice overs and many other technical and contextual cues so that the learners get a very personal learning experience. By getting into such meticulous details, we also ensure that the learners retain what they have studied and are able to apply them to practical situations.

Online Courses Content:

The course content includes in-depth coverage of all topics as per the course categories mentioned above. The content is based on both entry level and advanced learning and the learners can choose as per their requirement and proficiency levels. The course content is frequently evaluated for relevance, currency, correctness and usability and we take feedback from both our internal teams and the external learning community. This helps us to continuously improve and build upon our strengths thus ensuring that our courses stay relevant, interesting and useful to our learners.

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Course Delivery:

The primary mode of delivery is through our website at For live and interactive courses, video sharing links are sent to the learners and the courses happen in real time. In these virtual classrooms, the faculty would be teaching live and the students can ask any questions or clarifications to them directly. The detailed course material in terms of presentation files, documents, audio/video content is then uploaded on to the website and available to be accessed by the learners.

We also have mobile applications through which too the students can attend classes and learn any course of their choice. This gives the freedom of mobility and space to the learners as they can learn from the comfort of their homes or offices. Also, there may be times when a learner is unable to attend a class or session. To help through this, all our lectures are recorded, and the recordings are available to the students. In this way, we ensure that the students do not miss out on even a single class or lecture. This gives complete flexibility to the learners and hence is of great help to all working professionals and students.

Online Courses Method of Study:

The methodology includes a mix of class room coaching and self-learning modules. Each course is for a stipulated period which can range from one day to long terms courses spanning a few months. There are periodic assessments and one end term examination. There would be a mandatory evaluation and certification process at the end of all courses.

The learning is self-paced and can be finished as per the convenience of the learners, provided they adhere to the overall timelines set for the course. We currently do not have an option to pause and continue any course.

Who are the trainers:

We have an elite team of trainers from various backgrounds. All of them have very healthy and extensive teaching experience and all of them are subject matter experts being deeply passionate about their core areas. They bring their years of experience, independent research, vast knowledge and unique teaching methods so that the students are provided with the best-in-class learning experience.

Our trainers are also constantly evaluated both by internal and external sources. They also constantly keep updating themselves and our company also provides them various avenues to do so.

Corporate Training:

We also cater to corporates for their training needs. We specialize in designing and delivering customized courses to corporates as per their special requirements and time frames. We can deliver these courses either online on our platform or can be at the venue as chosen by the corporates. Please reach out to us for such special requirements and we would have our team of experts to visit you for in-depth engagements.

Other resources for Online Courses :

Other than the courses as mentioned above, we also provide a wide variety of learning aids like blog posts and many other resources so that learners can explore as many subjects as they are interested in. The blog posts are contributed by subject matter experts and the blogs are also vetted by our internal core panel. Most of these resources are available free on our website for all prospective and existing learners as we believe that knowledge should be accessible to one and all who seek to learn.

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Online Courses fee:

The course fees are available on our website. This is updated as per course availability and we request you to look it up. You can also reach us at the email address and the customer support number available on our website, in case you would want any further information on any course.

We, at firmly believe in improving the quality of technical and management education available to people and hence we continuously update our course material to cover every cutting-edge technology and business topic. We also provide in-depth analysis and teaching material for these topics so that we become the one-stop solution for all your learning needs. We look forward to connecting with you so that you can explore a variety of subjects and get trained to stay relevant, well informed and confident in this every changing business world.

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