How to Get Authority Links for Your Website

It’s no secret that getting external links to a site is hard work. Although many site owners prefer to spam in the comments to get their external links, such methods are entirely optional and inefficient.

Everything is much simpler. It’s like on social networks – if you offer quality content to people interested in it, they will want to share it. Focusing on this principle, we will consider “white” ways to get external links to the site.  An external or backward link is a link to your site from another website. Correct external links help:

  • Drive traffic to the site. If someone places a link to your website, for example, on a blog, the readers can follow it.
  • Take higher positions in search results. Links to the site indicate your credibility in a particular area. The more links from high-quality and authoritative sites you have, the higher positions your site will occupy in search results.

An excellent external link is a link from a reputable site with a natural anchor text. An anchor is a part of the text with a hyperlink. To make your anchor natural, you can’t just select keywords only for links. Google understands the link’s context, so even the phrases “learn more” or “click here” can have the same value as the anchor from the keyword.

Why Do You Need Quality Links

For the transition between pages, sites require a connecting element, so the need for links should not be underestimated. On the Web, they can indicate belonging to a specific file, for example, on one particular site or file hosting. Thanks to this, you can download data in various formats. Links are necessary for users to instantly switch from one resource to another, download files, exchange information.

The Impact of Quality Links

Links increase the position of a site in the search engines. They are necessary both for internal optimization and external. The search engines take into account the link mass of a resource when ranking a website in organic search results. Hence, the need arises for building link mass from various resources. The more sites post articles with links to your site, the higher the level of credibility. Getting free links for sites that were recently created is very difficult. Nobody knows about such resources. The number of pages does not exceed thousands, so the owners resort to the help of specialized exchanges to purchase links or use all kinds of platforms and forums for direct contact with the owners of trust resources.

White and Professional Ways to Get Quality Links for Your Website

It is possible to name a significant list of ways to get backlinks. However, many experts and webmasters focus on using several yet good ones. Below, you can see how many ways exist in order to boost your website with quality links.


People love to share infographics. When publishing the original infographic, users will link to your site as a source. You can also share your content with various sources or make a code to be put on the website.


Remember, cartoons, visualization of content, tables, and graphics are trendy. In addition, their creation takes time and money, so many will prefer to simplify their task and just refer to your content.


Reuse previously created content and turn it into a presentation. You can publish it both on your website and to your SlideShare account to attract more links. But remember, for this, the presentation must be useful and of high quality.


Funny things are spreading across the network at an incredible speed. Even in the most “boring” industries, you can find a reason for joking.


Write a press release and publish it on your website. After that, offer a post to significant news resources. This will not only increase interest in your company but also provide you with links.


This will help you to expand the circle of sources since some are not interested in covering events from the life of only one company.


Attracting the attention of the press and publishing in reputable resources will help strengthen your brand’s position, increase traffic, improve your reputation and, of course, get links from reliable sources. To get started, create a hotel page that could be referenced as a source. After that, contact the press.


Events help speakers and organizers increase the number of mentions on the network. If you are speaking at an event, create a useful and colorful presentation that people will want to share.


If you find a broken link on someone else’s site, politely invite its owner to replace it with a link to your resource.


If people have the opportunity to try your product or service in advance, they may want to share their experience and write a review with a link to your site. In order to share the free version, you can place a call to action on the website or send notifications by mail to those customers who will be interested.


You can go even further and establish co-marketing relationships. This means collaborating with another company, promoting their products or content, and then sharing the results. This will help expand your reach and get more quality external links.


You can ask users and experts to write a review of your new proposal. This will provide not only external links but also social approval.


Keeping in touch with other webmasters will allow you to receive quality external links: the larger your social circle, the more opportunities.

Additional, Yet Excellent Ways to Get Quality Links

Getting quality links is only partially about a link itself. This also applies to the interests of the site’s audience and community that links to you and real communication with them. People should link to you because you earned the link, and not because you bought or exchanged it.

We believe that link building is not the number of links but rather the number of effective backlinks in your industry. The concept is quality over quantity – always.

Make a little outreach

Start with thinking about who you know from the industry. Who would be interested in sharing your content? Some bloggers love to link, and some do not. Someone will be happy to talk about you, and someone needs to write for themselves. Some are active, while others are not. Choose what works best for your content and work with the influencers who are right for your industry and have the target audience. Get in touch with these people. Personal meetings can be especially effective for reaching a win-win agreement.

Think of colleagues or competitors

Think of your current business network as a gold mine for links. Depending on your industry, your audiences (meaning yours and of your competitors’) may overlap. And just mentioning the content you are working on may be appropriate for their audience. If you publish a high-quality research report, even a competitor’s audience will appreciate it, since such type of content is always highly appreciated and valued within one segment. Unless you buy strong back-links on linksmanagement, all mentioned ways can also help you

And remember, never ask for money and don’t postpaid ones yourself: this is against Google’s guidelines.

When you got the link, stay involved

You may be wondering which sites link to yours, in order to find out you may perform an analysis. Find the appropriate domains that link to your site and contact them. If they have a quality website that is relevant to your industry, stay in touch with them. This is especially important if they are well connected, or the site owner is influential in your industry. They may need invited bloggers, and you can potentially offer useful content to their audience. You can also include a link to the site in the author’s biography.

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