3 Cloud-Based Software Testing Service Providers In 2020

Software development has improved tremendously over the years. Collaborating on projects and efficiently piecing together different parts of code to form one software program has become a reality because of cloud-based systems.

A key step in the software development process that has been improved by cloud-based solutions is the testing of programs and apps developed. The testing of new programs has been simplified and very efficient because cloud-based systems save time and resources and provide a competitive edge to a business.

If you’re a software developer and would like to get a cloud-based software testing service provider, what options do you have? Here are the top 3 and features that make them earn this title.

Tenable Nessus

Tenable developed the Hail Mary of cloud-based software testing services by conceptualizing and producing Nessus. Software developers worldwide have trusted this cloud SaaS product that helps them test their code for any security vulnerabilities.

It is one of the world’s best solution for software penetration testers that is accurate down to the finest details. Amongst this service’s 30,000 customers, there is PayPal, VMware, and Starbucks.

Its use by PayPal signifies the dominance it has in this industry because of being trusted by one of the safest payment methods on the internet. Using this tool, software developers can quickly pick up on any security glitch using the comprehensive analytical tools in-built.

Nessus covers a wide range of software security vulnerabilities, making it one of the industry leaders. You can get this cloud-based software security testing service in three different versions with slightly varying features.

Nessus Essentials

As per the software reviewers at professional paper writer service, Nessus Essentials is the best solution for individuals and small businesses that have just started in software development. The Essentials version has limited features but it does include free training and guideline material to familiarize yourself with the platform.

By choosing to use Essentials, you will get unlimited access to the Tenable Community for any technical assistance or answers to your questions. There is no charge for this version of Nessus, you can download it for free but the number of IP scans is limited to 16.

The open-source nature of Nessus Essentials does not impact the performance of this cloud-based solution because it will still produce a very comprehensive scan result in the best speed possible.

Professionals in the cyber Security education sector can use Essentials to teach their students under the Tenable for Education program. Using this tool to teach students will equip them with practical experience in the security testing side of software development.

Nessus Professional

Nessus Professional is the best option for software developing teams, companies specializing in testing programs and apps, as well as cybersecurity practitioners. One of the greatest features of this service is that you can scan as many IPs because it offers unlimited scans.

The results of the scan are accessible instantaneously in real-time. You can configure the reports according to the unique parameters of the project being developed.

The support you get when buying the subscription for this tool is more advanced that the Essentials version. You can get a trial version of Nessus Professional before purchasing the subscription. Gaining unlimited access to IP scans makes it perfect for consultancy firms that deal with large amounts of customers.

Being part of the Nessus global community under the Professional subscription offers great growth potential because of the advanced information you will gain access to.


CloudTest is a software testing tool that primarily works on the principles of being very fast but still producing accurate results when analyzing and testing a program.

The cloud-based solution can be used by software developers to determine how users will experience the program, app, or website. You can run a scan on software systems and get results in real-time without the need to wait hours.

The cloud-based system was designed by Akamai, a reputable company that has been featured by Forbes under various categories. For example, in 2020, the company made it into the Global 2000 category and Just Companies list created by Forbes.

The IT writers at a leading research paper writing service say that you can use this tool to test mobile and web applications just as some of the biggest brands have implemented it. It uses bid-data to test mobile and web applications’ capabilities under immense pressure that can be scaled using a variety of virtual users.

Microsoft Azure Training

Getting actionable analytical data on the performance of the software

You can live stream the results of the performance analysis to get real-time insights on the program performs when swarmed by thousands and even millions of users.

Using this feature allows you to quickly identify and isolate problems that might cause a system-wide crash or the user experience unpleasant. The analytical data provided include problems regarding the network you’re using, the servers, databases, and most importantly, the code.

The early identification of these performance bottlenecks will unlock a seamless user experience. You can use the data provided to make wise decisions about optimizing the tool to function better even when under pressure.

All of the results are immediate, making the software testing process relatively far swifter. The company’s perception of swift service is clearly evident in its quick setup because after buying the subscription, you will be set to use this cloud-based solution within hours.

Peering into the future potential peak traffic

When all is going well in your business or if the customers you have are experiencing rapid growth, you need to have a futuristic view when testing their software.

Most likely, as they grow, their traffic will increase in volume, also making it important to make all software systems scalable. The mobile apps and website used for business purposes need to perform well, even when experiencing extremely high traffic.

You can test the software at the current scale you’re at and peer into the future beyond peak traffic. Potential traffic predictions use a variety of parameters such as user behavior, geographic distribution modeling, and internet connectivity.

All of this comes at a very affordable price because it is hosted on the cloud without the need to get enough infrastructure for the computing power for this to be possible.


LoadStorm protects the reputation of software developers by isolating any inefficiencies on mobile apps and websites before customers pick up on them. The tool is also used to identify the performance of these programs by setting the relevant parameters according to the metrics determined by the customer or business.

You can test systems very easily within just a few minutes and start recognizing any problems with the code or other backend aspects impacting the performance of the software.

Developers can identify how the software will react when more traffic comes streaming into the website or mobile app.

Users can start gaining access to this cloud-based software testing tool without the need to download any computer program. Additionally, you can get a trial of this tool to see how it all works before investing in paying the subscription.

LoadStorm Pro

LoadStorm Pro has various features, including free consultancy services provided by professional experts working for this company. Whenever you find yourself experiencing problems or confused about certain aspects of the software testing tool, there are performance engineers standing to assist.

These engineers can also help you keep up with any changes in this industry and real-time assistance when testing the software programs.

For example, they can help you monitor your servers when assessing the performance capabilities of the software. You can set the parameters of the traffic to test over a certain period of time.

The dashboard of this cloud-based solution also has a virtual learning center to help with understanding software testing in more detail. There are also video tutorials available, contributing to the great features of this software. Software developers can easily grasp the basic concepts of using this software because it is simple but very effective.

Comprehensive analytical data

The analytical data provided by this software can be filtered and categorized to try and determine the errors occurring the most. That can help you identify any inefficiency in your development process.

With the data provided, you can improve the software development skills acquired over the years and contribute to code with the least amount of errors.

You can also identify the perspective users have on the software that has been developed, allowing its developers to improve. Each assessment is customized according to KPI metrics provided by the developer.

You can view the results in real-time using interactive graphs and imagery to depict underperforming aspects of the software.

The bottom line

Software developers can test their programs and websites using these cloud-based solutions. You can test security and performance with these tools by running software tests on them and isolating any deficiencies.

The performance testing tools work on a futuristic model that peers into predicted traffic volumes. These tools identify any scalability issues that may arise when the website or mobile app experiences growth.

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