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Docker Training

Docker Training

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Product Description


Docker training is a whole new way of developing and delivering applications and IT infrastructure. It is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Docker is the next step beyond virtualisation world, hosting everything that an App needs i.e. a runtime environment for your app fully isolated & sandboxed.

Why Docker ?

Docker allows applications to be isolated into containers with instructions for exactly what they need to survive that can be easily ported from machine to machine. Docker exploits the system resource from the Host OS due to its tight integration with the in far efficient manner (no guest os required) than VM hypervisor. Docker container are highly portable, start and stop much faster, easy to scale and aids in promoting micro services architecture. The technology is boon for Devs & ops alike due to its consistency across different environment i.e the build artefact remains unchanged irrespective of target host.

What will I learn?

We will compare Docker Vs VM landscape & help you setup Docker on the most common development and production platforms. The focus is on fundamental concepts of containers and images, container registries, container orchestration, deploying application, orchestration with swarm mode, networking, storage, common management tasks and more. Finally, we will look at how to deploy the sample app to Amazon ECS service.

Introducing Containers

Prerequisites, VM’s vs docker

Containers, the lean way

Setting up Docker on Linux

Installing Docker on Linux

Docker configuration & daemon explained

Command for Docker Container play

Docker Components

Docker Engine, Images, Containers, Docker Hub

Images and Containers

Image Layers, Union Mounts

Writeable Layer of Containers

Useful Commands

Container Management

Containers lifecycle management

Diving Inside of Containers, Low-level Container Info

Getting Shell access

Building from Dockerfile

Introducing – Dockerfile

Setting up Dockerfile, Building & Inspecting an Image

Docker Hub

Docker Registries

Creating + working with Public Repo on Docker Hub

Building & Using Private Registries

Docker Hub Enterprise

Dockerfile Indepth Analysis

Dockerfile and Layers, Build Cache

Setting up & launching Web Server with Dockerfile

Optimization Layers, Dockerfile Instructions & Volumes

Docker Networking

Virtual Interfaces, docker Bridge, Config Files

Exposing & Linking Containers

Debugging Containers

Daemon & Container Logging


Docker on AWS

Setting up Docker on an EC2

Amazon ECS Environment & EC2 Container Service

Amazon ECS: Building a Cluster Environment, EC2 Service, Images and Registries (ECR)

Deployment to Elastic Beanstalk

EBS Toolset, Integrating Beanstalk & Docker

Deploy Multi container Application


Basic working knowledge of Linux & Kernel feature, Fair understanding of AWS Infrastructure & Services.

Duration & Timings :

Duration – 30 Hours.

Course Fee : $300    Discount Offer  

Training Type: Online Live Interactive Session.

Faculty: Experienced.

Weekend Session – Sat & Sun 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) – 5 Weeks. March 17 , 2018.

Weekday Session – Mon – Thu 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (EST) – 4 Weeks. March 5 , 2018.


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